How Much Does A Skateboard Cost? [+Hidden Prices] 2024

Skateboarding has become an increasingly popular sport in the last few years and with that, the prices of skateboards have raised due to high demand. Many people are eager to jump onto their boards and cruise down streets to experience the thrill of riding. With this rise in popularity comes the question – how much does a skateboard cost?

On average, the retail price of a complete skateboard is $100 USD. There are plenty of budget-friendly boards that range from $30 USD to $70 USD, whereas a superior quality skateboard can cost more than $200 USD. And if customizing is your thing then be prepared for a bigger investment – mass-produced ones will always come cheaper compared with custom builds.

Read reviews of the best skateboard brands of 2024 to see which companies make reliable skateboard parts and accessories.

How Much Does A Skateboard Cost

In addition to investing in a board, there is some additional cost for skate shoes, apparel, protective gear, and skate park membership.

As with everything else, prices of sports items have also increased lately. It’s important to understand what does it cost to get into skateboarding and what potential hidden costs you may need to consider.


How Much Does A Decent Skateboard Cost? True Figures

The cost of a skateboard will depend on the quality of its parts. But before investing in a board, consider the type of skateboard, your skill level, and how often will you be skateboarding.

While it is possible to get away with buying the cheapest board on the market for only a few dollars, most experienced skaters will tell you that you get what you pay for.

To get a solid ride that won’t break down after a few times hitting the half-pipe, you should expect to spend at least $80-$120 USD, though more advanced boards can range from $200 USD to over $500 USD.

It might seem intimidating at first, but when you consider how much money snowboarders drop on their gear each winter, this expense is peanuts!

You can also build your own skateboard by assembling the parts, but it may cost you more than purchasing a complete skateboard.

However, if you decide to build and customize your own board, first decide the type of skateboarding you want to do – street, cruising, or freestyle, etc. This will determine the parts you need and ultimately an estimate of the cost too.

According to skateboarding professional, Tony Hawk – there are 7 skateboarding styles.

These include;

1.  Freestyle  it involves performing basic tricks on flat ground, like Ollies and kickflips.

2.  Street skateboarding  this style is all about performing tricks in an urban environment, such as on stairs, rails, and ledges.

3.  Vert skateboarding  taking off from a ramp or halfpipe and performing tricks in midair.

4.  Park skating  this involves riding in a skate park, and performing tricks on bowls, ramps, handrails, and pipes.

5.  Downhill/slalom  this is all about speed and control, where you need to navigate through cones or hills at high speeds.

6.  Cruising  this style focuses on the enjoyment of just riding around on a skateboard.

7.  Off-road  this is all about navigating rough terrain and performing tricks on dirt, sand, and rocks.

If you still need to learn to ride a board, read if longboarding is easier than skateboarding to choose your first board.


Breaking Down the Cost of Skateboarding

As with every sport or hobby, skateboarding will cost you more or less – depending on what you need and how much money you are willing to invest.

There are three main factors that will affect the cost of skateboarding – the board, the accessories and any additional services.


Cost of Skateboard Parts

To better understand the pricing of skateboards, let’s take a look at their individual parts.

Skateboard Part Average Cost
Deck $30 to $90
Trucks $20 to $80
Wheels $20 to $50
Bearings $10 to $40
Grip Tape $5 to %20
Hardware $5
Total $90 to $285


a. Cost of Skateboard Deck ($30 to $90)

The deck is the main component of your skateboard and typically costs anywhere from $30 USD to $90 USD depending on size, shape, and material. Decks made with premium materials such as bamboo or carbon fiber will cost more, but they will also be lighter and stronger.

Not all decks are made equal, the quality will vary – so the price. So, make sure to buy the deck from a reputable brand.

skateboard deck cost

You may also see some blank decks without any branding. We advise beginners not to invest in a blank deck because they won’t be able to check the quality – a reliable branded deck would be a better option for them.


b. Cost of Skateboard Trucks ($20 to $80)

The trucks are the metal “axles” that attach to your wheels and usually cost between $20 USD and $80 USD. Higher-end trucks will come with better bushings for smooth turns and responsive performance, which can make a huge difference in the overall quality of your ride.

A pair of CCS or Tensor alloys trucks will cost around $25 USD, whereas Independent skateboard trucks go for $75 USD.

skateboard trucks cost

High-end trucks perform better while turning and absorbing shocks in landing tricks. Beginner skaters may not even notice the difference, but they’ll start noticing it as they get better at skateboarding.


c. Cost of Skateboard Wheels ($20 to $50)

Wheels will usually cost between $20 USD and $50 USD, but you can also find lower-priced wheels for around $10 USD a set (Piston). When shopping for wheels, look for ones that are durable and long lasting with good grip on the pavement.

Freedare skateboard wheels for street skating go for around $17 USD, and Spitfire wheels are retailed at $50 USD. Even though skate wheels are made of plastic, still there is a huge difference in price because of the quality of plastic.

As the saying goes, “the best things in life are actually really expensive”. The same goes with skateboard wheels, costlier wheels offer more grip, better roll speeds, and last for longer.

skateboard wheels cost

If you are looking for a wheel that can take hard impacts, we recommend investing in something along the lines of Powell Peralta or Spitfire wheels.

Tip: swap the wheels around when they start coning to increase their life.


d. Cost of Skateboard Bearings ($10 to $40)

Bearings come in packages of 8 and range from $10 USD to $40 USD, ceramic bearings can cost a lot more.

Better bearings will be smoother and faster, which is why experienced skaters tend to invest in higher-end bearings for a better experience.

how much does a good skateboard cost

The Spitfire bearings go for around $12 USD on Amazon, independent brand bearings come with a price tag of around $40 USD, and Bones Swiss ceramic bearings are retailed at $65 USD. If you are just starting out and don’t want to invest too much money, then we suggest getting some Bones Reds that go for around $20 USD.


e. Cost of Skateboard Grip Tape ($5 to $20)

Grip tape is the sandpaper-like material that sticks to the top of your skateboard and is used to keep your feet in place. Grip tape usually runs at the material on top of your board that helps you grip onto it for tricks and turns.

There isn’t much difference in the grip tape, only that some are grittier than others. Prices range from $5 USD to $20 USD depending on the quality. However, it mostly comes pre-installed on the deck – so you don’t need to worry about it, unless you need to replace it.

Read a complete guide to learn how to remove grip tape.

cost of skateboard grip tape

You can also get custom grip tape with designs and logos. The cost of custom tapes depends on the design, but they usually range from $20 USD to $30 USD.


f. Cost of Hardware ($5 to $15)

Skateboard hardware includes bolts, nuts, washers, and other pieces of metal that play a role in attaching the different parts. Prices range from $5 USD to $15 USD depending on their quality.

You can get generic hardware in bulk for a lower price, or you can purchase premium ones that come with better nuts and bolts for a higher price – so the choice is yours!


From what we have seen, a complete skateboard setup (deck, trucks, wheels, bearings and grip tape) should cost you between $90 USD to $285 USD. And if you want a customized board, then you may want to consider investing some extra bucks to really make your skateboard stand out from the crowd.


Cost of Protective Gear and Other Accessories

Protective gear is essential for skateboarding, be it street or ramp skating – but not every rider wears it. Falling from a board is inevitable, a helmet and pads provide protection from injuries.

skate protection gear cost

The cost of helmets, elbow pads, and knee pads range from $25 USD to $150 USD depending on their quality and brand. The average price of protective gear;

Protective Gear Average Cost
Skate Helmet $20
Elbow pads Starts from $15
Knee pads Good knee pad starts from $35
Wrist guards $15 and above
Total $85 and above

You can also purchase skateboard accessories such as wax, lubricants, tools, riser pads, and cleaning products. The cost of these items varies, but they are relatively inexpensive, and usually, go from $5 to $20 USD.


Cost of Skateboard Apparel

Skateboard apparel such as t-shirts, hoodies, and hats range from $20 USD to $100 USD depending on the brand. You might think they are not necessary, but trust me – they are, especially the pants.

There are especially designed pants for skateboarding, sturdy and comfortable enough to allow your legs to move freely. Prices of most popular skateboard pants are;

Dickies Original 874 – $30 USD

Match Wild Cargo Pants – $40 USD

Dickies EDS Signature 81006 – $22 USD


Cost of Skateboard Shoes

This is where skateboarding gets expensive. A good pair of skate shoes will help you progress faster, as the grip and cushioning make a huge difference. Prices range from $40 to $200 USD depending on the brand and style.

You’ll need to quite often replace the pair because the grip tape on the deck will chew the shoe sole. Suede shoes last longer than canvas or other materials.

skateboard shoes cost

Tip: sand down the grip tape if it is new before riding the board, otherwise the shoes will wear down fast on the new tape.

Popular skateboard shoe brands include Nike SB, Adidas, Vans, Emerica, DC Shoes, Lakai Footwear, and New Balance Numeric.


Other Skateboarding Costs and Hidden Expenses

In addition to the parts, apparel, and accessories of a skateboard, there are other skateboarding-related expenses that should be taken into consideration.

For example, ramps, rails and ledges can get expensive quickly if you need them for your skating session.

Furthermore, some skate parks may charge an entrance fee or require buying a membership pass in order to skate in their facilities. The fees can range from $5 USD to $20 USD per session, depending on where you live.

Transportation costs should also be taken into consideration if you don’t live nearby a skate park (just like me), and need to drive to get to a skate park.


Factors That Affect Skateboard Prices

Let’s break down the factors that go into skateboard pricing to help you make an informed purchase decision.

First and foremost, the type of board you choose will determine its price point. For example, a standard street deck will generally cost less than a longboard or cruiser deck because they are simpler in design and construction.

The size of the deck also affects the price; longer boards tend to cost more than shorter boards.

Additionally, the materials used to construct the board (wood, plastic, metal, fiber) will also impact the price point significantly.

The components on your board play a huge role in its overall cost. Higher-end components such as pro trucks and wheels will increase the price of your setup.

If you plan on customizing your skateboard with additional components like foot stops or risers, these parts can further increase your overall costs as well.


How Much Should I Spend On A Skateboard?

The amount you should spend on a skateboard depends on several factors including your riding style and skill level.

As a general rule of thumb, beginner riders should look for affordable models that offer basic functionality without any unnecessary bells and whistles. You can easily find basic skateboards under $100 at Walmart, Target, and Amazon.

Experienced riders who are looking for more performance out of their ride may want to invest in higher-end models that offer superior quality components and construction materials.

Ultimately though, it’s up to personal preference; if you find a design that speaks to you—regardless of price—go ahead and make it yours!


Most Expensive Skateboards

If you fancy rare collectors editions and vanity skateboards, you may be looking at prices of up to $50,000 USD. Sounds insane? Yes, it does – but we have seen some super expensive skateboards sold in auctions. Let’s know more about them:


1. Louis Vuitton X Supreme Skateboard- $50,000 USD

This limited edition piece is a collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Supreme. It features an iconic LV pattern adorned with the Supreme logo.

Louis Vuitton X Supreme Skateboard cost


2. Jamie Thomas/Bob Dylan Deck – $38,000 USD

This unique piece was crafted by Jamie Thomas and features never-before-seen handwritten lyrics by the legendary artist – Bob Dylan, of his famous song “Blowin’ In The Wind”. It also includes real gold accents on the sides. It was auctioned at $38,425.

Jamie Thomas/Bob Dylan Deck


3. Tony Hawk’s Beatles ‘Blackbird’ Skateboard – $27,000 USD

This rare piece was designed by Tony Hawk himself and was auctioned for a whopping $27,000.  It was a part of Hawk’s ‘Ripper’ series and features a customized colorful graphic of McCartney’s ‘Blackbird’ song and Paul McCartney’s signature.

Tony Hawk's Beatles 'Blackbird' Skateboard cost


4. Supreme Mundi Skateboard – $20,000 USD

Not a skateboard to ride – but a skateboard! A British artist – Adrian Wilson designed a unique skateboard for the Supreme skateboard brand, called “Supreme Mundi” which was surprisingly sold at $20,000 USD. It is nothing special but a wooden artist’s painted palette with wheels.

According to Wilson, the Supreme Mundi was designed to criticize the art business. And unfortunately, the amount demonstrates that unwise people are willing to pay a lot if it is properly branded.

Supreme Mundi Skateboard cost


5. The Golden skateboard – $15,000 USD

This golden skateboard was created by Matt Willet and Peter Willet in New York created, and was auctioned for a jaw-dropping $15,000. It is made of 99.9% pure electro-plated gold and includes custom artwork by the artist himself.

Every part of the skateboard has a gold finish, including wheels, trucks, and even grip tape. It’s just a beautiful piece of art. Although the wheels spin, it is not something we’ll advise you to ride.

The Golden skateboard cost


Final Words

The average price of a rideable complete skateboard can cost from $80 to $150 USD depending on the quality of its parts. You may find some cheaper options, but they aren’t reliable options (speaking of the experience). This is the first investment, there will be some additional costs for maintenance such as cleaning and replacing worn-out parts.

In addition, keep in mind to spend some bucks to buy skate shoes, pants, and protective gear of your choice. This would again be another $150 USD more or less.

It may seem as the skateboarding is an expensive sport, but it’s not. Believe me, it is much cheaper than many other sports – all you need to do is spend money wisely!


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a good skateboard cost?

A decent quality skateboard usually costs around $80 – $150 USD depending on the quality of its parts, specs, and the store location.


Is a 100 dollar skateboard good?

Yes, you can get a good skateboard for under $100 USD that you can ride for street skating and cruising.


Is it expensive to skateboard?

No, it is not expensive to skateboard. You can get a decent quality complete board for under $150 USD and all you need additional is a pair of skate shoes, protective gear and some regular maintenance. All these accessories will cost you around $150 USD or more depending on your choice.


Is skateboarding a cheap hobby?

Yes, skateboarding can be a very cheap hobby. All you need is a decent skateboard, protective gear and a pair of skate shoes, which will cost you around $200 to $300 USD.


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