10 Lightest Skateboard Deck In 2024 [Best for Tricks]

As a skateboarder, you know that every ounce counts when it comes to your setup. That’s why finding the lightest skateboard deck possible is so important. Not only does it make your board easier to maneuver, but it also allows you to get more air and pop.

Fortunately, the industry has responded with innovations in materials and designs to create some of the lightest decks available. From Powell Peralta’s Flight deck to Almost’s Uber Light deck, we’ll take a look at the top contenders in the market and what sets them apart in terms of weight, durability, and performance.

So, let’s get rolling and know who makes the lightest skateboard deck to find the perfect lightweight deck for you!

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Lightest Skateboard Deck


10 Lightest Skateboard Decks

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced skater, having a lightweight deck can make a huge difference in your performance. A lighter board will give you more control, better pop, and less fatigue, allowing you to perform tricks effortlessly.

Here’s a list of the lightest skateboard decks available in the market, so you can find the perfect board that fits your style:

No.Skateboard DeckSizeWeight in Pounds (lbs.)Weight in KgsPrice
1Powell Peralta Flight Deck8.0" x 31.45"1.980.90
2Almost Uber Light8.0" x 31.7"2.150.98
3Almost Impact Light 8.0" x 31.6"2.21
4Santa Cruz Asta8.125" x 31.7"2.31.04
5Enjoi Spectrum Panda Impact Light 8.25" x 31.8"2.311.05
6Baker Brand Logo Foil8.0" x 31.5"2.321.05
7Almost Daewon Song Joker Face R7 8.25" x 31.8"2.351.07
8Plan B Team Featherlight Deck8.25" x 31.75"2.381.08
9Moose Blank Skateboard Deck8.0" x 31.75"2.41.1
10Powell Peralta Andy Anderson Heron Egg Flight Deck8.45" x 32.08"2.411.1

These decks have been carefully crafted using advanced materials and construction methods to ensure that they are incredibly lightweight and strong, and easy to ride even for kids.

For example, the Powell Peralta Flight Deck is made from a composite of epoxy, fiber-reinforced material, and natural maple, resulting in a deck that is not only super light but also incredibly strong and durable.

powell peralta flight deck lightest

Similarly, the Almost Uber Light features a combination of carbon fiber and lightweight materials, producing a deck that is not only one of the lightest on the market but also highly responsive and easy to maneuver.

The Impact Light Skateboard Deck, on the other hand, is made from a blend of Canadian maple and epoxy resin, a strong board – resistant to impact and wear.

No matter which of these decks you choose, you can be sure that you are getting a high-quality product that has been carefully designed and engineered to provide the ultimate in performance and durability.


Brands that Make Lightweight Skateboard Decks

While the decks listed above are some of the lightest on the market, there are a few brands that consistently produce lightweight decks.

Here are a few of the most popular:

However, if you are looking for a brand that consistently produces lightweight and high-performance decks, then Powell Peralta is definitely worth considering. Its Flight Deck series has gained a reputation for being lightest and strongest due to its use of a composite of epoxy, fiber-reinforced material,

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What Makes A Skateboard Deck Lightweight?

A skateboard deck can be made lightweight through a combination of materials and construction methods.

The primary materials used in skateboard decks are wood, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and plastic. Each material has its own strengths and weaknesses in terms of weight, durability, and performance.

who makes the lightest skateboard deck

One way to make a skateboard deck lightweight is by using a composite of different materials. For example, Powell Peralta’s Flight Deck series combines epoxy, fiber-reinforced material, and natural bamboo to produce a deck that is both lightweight and strong.

Another method for reducing weight is by using a thinner deck profile. This can be achieved through milling or pressing the deck to a thinner shape while still maintaining strength and durability.

Some brands also use advanced construction techniques, such as carbon fiber layering or vacuum sealing, to create lightweight decks that offer optimal performance.


Does Skateboard Deck Width Matters for Its Weight?

Yes, skateboard deck width can affect the weight of the deck. A wider deck will typically weigh more than a narrower deck of the same length and construction.

This is because a wider deck requires more material to produce and may have a thicker profile to maintain its strength and durability.

However, the difference in weight is generally negligible and would only be noticeable in the context of a highly technical skating situation.


Riding Experience of the Lightest Deck

Ah, the joy of riding a feather-light skateboard deck – it’s like floating on a cloud of pure skateboarding bliss! The sensation of effortless control and precision can be quite addictive, and it’s no wonder skaters are always on the lookout for the lightest deck out there.

Personally, I’ve had the pleasure of riding some of the lightest skateboard decks available, and let me tell you, it’s a whole different game. The reduced weight makes executing technical tricks feel like a walk in the park, and the responsiveness is second to none.

what's the lightest skateboard deck brand

Powell Peralta Flight Deck series, these are the real bad boys of skateboarding. Riding a Powell Peralta Flight Deck is like nothing else you have ever experienced. It’s almost as if the deck has a mind of its own – anticipating your every move and responding with lightning-fast precision.

The reduced weight of the deck makes it feel like an extension of your body, allowing you to maneuver and execute technical tricks with unparalleled ease. The deck’s unique construction gives it an impressive amount of pop that will have you soaring higher than ever before.

But what really sets the deck apart is its durability. Despite its feather-light weight, this deck is tough as nails, standing up to even the most brutal of skating sessions. It’s no wonder that professional skaters like Andy Anderson and Jordan Hoffart swear by these decks.


Final Verdict

The lightweight decks are not only easier to carry around, but they can also help take your skating to the next level. We’ve explored the world of the lightest skateboard deck and the brands that are leading the way in terms of weight and durable boards.

From the Powell Peralta Flight Deck to the Almost Uber Light, there are plenty of options out there for skaters who value a lightweight ride.

But let’s not forget that a skateboard is more than just its deck. The weight of other components, such as trucks and wheels, can also have a significant impact on the overall weight of your setup. So, be sure to consider these factors when building your ultimate lightweight skateboard.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lightest skateboard deck?

Well, it’s none other than the Powell Peralta Flight deck, weighing in at a mere 1.98 pounds! This deck is a featherweight champ, thanks to its special reinforced carbon fiber and epoxy that keeps it light as a feather but tough as nails.


Is a lighter skateboard better?

While the idea of a lightweight skateboard may sound appealing, the answer is a bit more complicated than a simple yes or no.

Depending on your style of skating, a lighter board may be easier to maneuver and flip, making it a good choice for technical skating.

However, for high-speed or vert skating, a heavier board may offer more stability and control.


How heavy is a skateboard deck in KG?

A typical skateboard deck weighs about 2.5 pounds, which is equivalent to approximately 1.13 kilograms.


Does skateboard deck weight matter?

Yes, skateboard deck weight matters because it can impact your skating experience.

A lighter deck can be easier to flip, making it ideal for technical street skating or flat-ground tricks. However, a heavier deck may offer more stability and durability for high-speed or vert skating.


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