10 Best Complete Skateboards for Every Skill Level [2024]

So, if you are looking for a new skateboard to add to your collection or start learning to skateboard, here, you’ll find tested reviews of the best complete skateboards of 2024 that are good for beginners, intermediate skaters, and experts.

Getting a skateboard is always a good idea, however, it can get overwhelming due to the numerous brands and types of boards. And, finding a quality skateboard for this most rewarding hobby can be challenging especially if you are a beginner. You need to consider the deck material, wheels and trucks, durability, weight and other factors.

We recommend getting a complete skateboard because they are cost-effective, ready to ride and designed to deliver quality performance. You can always upgrade the components after wear and tear, or replace parts for better performance as your skill level improves: for example – bigger wheels are good for speedy rides!

Note: Always use safety gear while riding a board such as a skate helmet, elbow and knee pads, etc.

best complete skateboards

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Top 10 Best Complete Skateboards of 2024

Here is a list of the best quality pre-assembled skateboards for new and pro-level skateboarders. These complete boards are easy to ride, reliable and designed to offer a great riding experience. We found them durable and highly efficient after multiple rides.

No.Complete SkateboardQualityPrice
1Powell Golden DragonBest for Beginners and Advanced Riders
2CCS Complete SkateboardBest Complete Skateboard Under $100
3Element Section Best Pre-Assembled Skateboard for Tricks
4Santa Cruz Screaming HandBest for Heavy Riders
5Powell Peralta Winged Ripper BirchBest Lightweight Complete Skateboard
6Enjoi White PandaAffordable Skateboard for Kids
7Beleev Complete SkateboardBest Value for the Money
8Blind Skateboard Perfect for Teen Skaters
9Magneto SUVBest Free-riding Skateboard for Adults
10Quest the Original Super CruiserBest Complete Cruiser Longboard


Top Picks

Powell Golden Dragon

best complete skateboard

  • PGD deck
  • 54mm 99A wheels
  • K12 concave


CCS Complete Skateboard

Best Complete Skateboard Under $100

  • 52mm PU wheels, 100A
  • ABEC 7 bearings
  • CCS sturdy trucks


Element Section

good skateboard

  • 52mm 95A wheels
  • Abec 5 bearings
  • 5.25″ Element trucks



1. Powell Golden Dragon

“Best for Beginners and Advanced Riders”best complete skateboard

Don’t overlook Powell Golden Flying Dragon skateboard for being too cheap or not a serious brand. This quality board is durable, sturdy and flexible to be ridden easily.

The PGD skateboard is designed with quality components to make it easy to ride for a beginner, but also has a good feel for an advanced rider. It is equipped with great trucks and wheels that are good at absorbing the vibrations of the road.

I started riding this board recently and found it lightweight and durable while performing tricks. The board is well made and easy to balance. Its PU wheels don’t seem to wear down quickly. The grip tape enhances the stopping ability whenever needed.

Thus, I recommend this complete skateboard for a beginner, or for a professional rider who wants a backup board.


Main Features:

  • The wooden deck is made in China using AirLam presses maple veneer
  • Deck size: 31.625″ x 7.625″
  • Easy to ride and practice tricks due to K12 concave style with 126 shape
  • 54mm x 37mm strong PU wheels with 99a hardness level
  • 75-inch wheelbase and 7.625-inch aluminum trucks with embossed Powell Golden Dragon logo


  • Durable and lightweight complete skateboard
  • Suitable for new and advanced level skaters
  • Easy to ride
  • Good control and balance
  • Strong wide wheels, perfect for ground grip and rolling
  • Too fast - not suitable for kids
  • Not good for pebbled tracks

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Our Experience:

This complete skateboard is nicely built with quality components. I personally appreciate its sturdiness,  speed and performance. It turned pretty well and responded to the weight shifts quickly. However, I won’t recommend it for beginners – too fast to control with zero experience, best suited for fearless riders.


2. CCS Complete Skateboard

"Best Complete Skateboard Under $100"best pre-assembled skateboard

The CCS complete skateboard is a truly remarkable piece of craftsmanship and one of my favorite boards. This board was designed with safety in mind, using materials that can withstand heavy wear and tear, and comes with everything you need to start skating right out of the box.

Its classic shape maple deck with 52mm hard wheels makes it perfect for performing tricks in skateparks.

I was surprised by its lightweight deck and sealed bearings that aid in a smooth ride. I was also impressed by the quality of the trucks and the wheels. The trucks were super smooth and had really good pop.

Definitely, it is my first choice as a complete skateboard under $100.

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best complete skateboard

Main Features:

  • Professional grade Canadian 7 ply maple wood deck with premium components
  • Deck size: 32″ x 7.75″, ideal for new skaters
  • Classic shape, suitable for cruising and tricks
  • Small 52mm PU wheels with 100a hardness level, perfect to perform tricks in the skatepark, half-pipe and rails
  • Equipped with professional quality CCS trucks and sturdy steel base plate
  • Especially designed CCS ABEC 7 bearings for smooth rides


  • Complete skateboard available in different sizes
  • A good amount of flex
  • Comes with a skateboard tool
  • Smooth ride
  • Hard wheels, suitable for tricks
  • Heavy riders will need to tighten trucks after performing hard tricks

Our Experience:

I rode it all over the place, from the street to our local skate park and found it quite smooth and easy to balance. The board has good pop. The trucks ensured smooth turning but they required tightening after a few rides. 100a durometer is a pretty good hardness level of the wheels – they performed wheel on streets and while doing tricks, but not good for bumpy rides.

A verified Amazon user "Adrienne Darhower" says, "Big thumbs up on this skateboard. It actually surprised me. I needed something pretty inexpensive. But the deck itself and all of the components (wheels, trucks and bearings) are much better than I expected given the low price."


3. Element Section

"Best Pre-Assembled Skateboard for Tricks"best full skateboard for tricks

The Element Section board can be ridden by a beginner and an expert skateboarder. It will help new skaters to learn how to control a skateboard and aid in gaining confidence.

On the other hand, this board will assist to conquer some new tricks if you are already good at skateboarding.

Element skateboard was the first board I rode in 2002 when I started with this sport, and since then I feel comfortable learning new tricks on it. Its high quality and super lightweight construction make it easier to stabilize. The deck is a little thinner and wider which is helpful for beginners.

The brand ensures perfect assembling to enhance its durability. I'm definitely going to recommend this if you want to purchase a complete skateboard to perform tricks.

Element leads the list of the best skateboard brands.


Main Features:

  • 100% maple wood deck held together with strong epoxy glue
  • Deck size: 32″ x 8″
  • Slight concave and double kicktail make it easier to stabilize and perform tricks
  • 52mm graphic PU wheels with 95a hardness and ABEC 5 bearings
  • 14″ wheelbase and 5.25″ polished branded trucks


  • Comfortable ride and easier to perform tricks
  • Durable deck with great pop
  • Pre-assembled with best quality parts
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Soft bushing, requires some break-in period to perform at its best

Our Experience:

I’ve discovered the Element complete skateboards as the most reliable and best performing in almost every type of skating. They are built with high-quality parts, are lightweight and assembled by professionals. However, these boards require some break-in period to perform at their best.

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4. Santa Cruz Screaming Hand

"Best for Heavy Riders"best complete skateboard for heavy riders

Santa Cruz is one of the most well-known skateboard companies and this particular model has a great balance of speed, control, and maneuverability. This skateboard is designed for riders over 210 pounds. Certainly, it is an ideal board for cruising around town and commuting a lot, and for the most avid downhill riders.

I'm not the most skilled skater but this board makes it easier for me to get around and offers great durability. Wider decks are better for those with bigger feet (like me) and I like the shorter wheelbase decks because it makes it easier to turn.

It is a reliable board and I recommend this complete skateboard for bigger size newbies or experienced skaters.

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Main Features:

  • Classic style 7-ply strong maple wood deck, sturdy and highly durable
  • Deck size: 8″ x 31.25″
  • A standard popsicle shape with a medium concave makes it easier to ride
  • 54mm OJ Wheels with 95a hardness level and 13.75″ wheelbase
  • ABEC-5 steel bearings ensure fast smooth rides on a downhill


  • Strong poppy deck for durability
  • Suitable for all level skaters
  • Traditional design with pre-installed black grip tape
  • Good for every age heavy rider
  • Bearings will need replacement quite often - poor quality

Our Experience:

It is a perfectly sized skateboard, reliable and best suited for bigger size newbies or experienced skaters. The board is well-built and sturdy. The only drawback we found was with the bearings – poor quality, only ABEC-5, I recommend replacing them with ABEC-7 bearings.


5. Powell Peralta Winged Ripper Birch

"Best Lightweight Complete Skateboard"lightweight assembled board

Powell-Peralta skateboards are made with high-quality components which include an AirLam press, the Skate Rated Mini Logo bearings and Mini Logo trucks. These components ensure the stability, strength and speed needed to skate every day.

This complete skateboard is equipped with High Rebound® bushings for a smoother ride, harder wheels for higher performance, and heat-treated axles for greater durability.

The Powell Peralta Winged Ripper is the best skateboard I have ever used. It has a great grip and is super lightweight to carry around with ease. The super-strong deck has awesome pop and can withstand the test of hard rides. Its wide wheelbase makes it convenient to stabilize.


Main Features:

  • The deck is made of AirLam pressed laminated 7 plies of the finest grade American, hard rock maple wood, held together with high strength water-resistant glue
  • Deck size: 31″ x 7.75″
  • 53mm Polyurethane wheels with a 101A hardness level making it suitable for parks, ramps and skate pools
  • Modern K20 concave shape with a classic touch makes it good to learn tricks
  • Mini Logo Skate Rated Abec-5 bearings for fast rolling


  • Great stiffness and durability
  • Water-resistant laminated deck
  • Smooth turning due to alloy trucks
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects
  • Not very good for cruising
  • It feels less comfortable on rough grounds

Our Experience:

This skateboard literally brought back childhood memories. Super durable construction with stability, we enjoyed fast rides on flat and downhill streets. We highly recommend this complete skateboard for speed because of the high-performance hard wheels.

However, it’s not good for rough or uneven terrains because of the hard wheels, they won’t absorb the bumps.


6. Enjoi White Panda

"Affordable Skateboard for Kids"affordable complete skateboard for kids

Enjoi skateboards come with super smooth well-built bearings that ensure easy turning and maximum performance. This entry-level complete skateboard is perfect for new skaters who want to learn and develop skills without having to spend too much money.

This board is equipped with good wheels that are suitable for learning tricks in streets and parks.

We recommend Enjoi complete skateboards to young trainees in our Skateboardgeek academy because they are lightweight, easy to ride, and affordable.

These boards are durable and can be ridden anywhere due to their soft and grippy wheels.


Main Features:

  • Single-press 7-ply Canadian maple wood deck held together with a gnarly epoxy resin glue
  • Deck size: 31″ x 7.75″
  • Medium concave style deck with steep kicks for easy handling
  • 14†wheelbase, 52mm high quality TGM wheels with 99a hardness
  • Lightweight and good grade responsive aluminum trucks
  • Best quality Amphetamine Abec-5 bearings with light synthetic oil and rubber serviceable shields


  • Best complete skateboard for kids
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Good sized soft wheels
  • Budget friendly
  • Suitable to ride in parks and streets
  • Not suitable for heavy riders
  • Wobbles on the downhill speedy rides

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Our Experience:

The brand claims to produce sturdy decks but it wobbled on the downhill speedy rides, however, it had good pop. The trucks are of good quality but the wheels felt a little softer than advertised, but that’s totally fine.

It is a lightweight complete skateboard that provides a smooth riding experience. It is best suited for kids and teenagers, but experienced skaters may find it a little slow.


7. Beleev Complete Skateboard

"Best Value for the Money"budget friendly full board

Beleev skateboards are in demand due to their high-quality construction and very affordable prices. These boards are good to experience comfortable rides and are sturdy enough so you can learn new tricks with ease.

Beleev Complete skateboard is packed with responsive aluminum trucks with high rebound bushings, delivering the best value for your money.

I like its strong grip tape that enhances control on the board. Its high-rebound PU wheels are anti-slippery to ensure stability.

Indeed, it is a great board for learning how to skate and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to buy a first fully assembled skateboard.

Note: Beleev boards are made from a sustainable source, mostly Canadian maple which is specifically cultivated for skateboard manufacturing. By doing this, Beleev has eliminated much of the demand for trees being cut down all over the world to make skateboards.


Main Features:

  • 10mm thick, 7-ply Canadian maple wood deck
  • Deck size: 31″ x 8″
  • Medium concave style with double kick offers maximum control while speeding and braking
  • Pre-installed waterproof emery non-slip grip tape ensures traction for safe riding
  • Anti-slip 55mm PU wheels with 95a hardness, highly rebound wheels with a strong grip
  • ABEC-7 precision bearings ensure high speed and good shock absorption
  • 5-inch heavy-duty aluminum alloy trucks


  • Reliable riding experience for beginners and pro skaters
  • Water-proof non-slip grip tape
  • Lightweight compact design
  • Stylish skateboard, suitable for girls
  • It does not come with a hardware tightening tool
  • Wheels will need replacement after some speedy downhill rides

Our Experience:

We tested the Beleev board because we saw it as one of the best-selling skateboards on Amazon and found it extremely efficient. The design was amazingly cool and it turned super smooth without putting much effort. It comes equipped with precision bearings for speed.

But we had to replace the wheels after some bumpy rides. Indeed, this complete board delivers great value for the money for both beginners and experienced riders.


8. Blind Skateboard

"Perfect for Teen Skaters"best for beginners

You can't be a serious skater without a decent board. And this board is one of the best complete boards I have seen on Amazon. Blind has been around for a while and is well-proven for being perfect for entry-level skateboarders. It's sturdy, has a nice grip and the wheels are of good quality.

After watching Jamie O-Brien's part in a skate video, my 16 years old younger brother was inspired to buy his first board. I gifted him a Blind complete skateboard and he loved it since then.

He says that it is very sturdy and smooth to ride and has a nice feel to it. I also borrowed it from him many times and enjoyed exceptional riding experiences.


Main Features:

  • The deck is made of 7-ply Canadian maple wood using the single deck press method and epoxy resin
  • Deck size: 31″ x 7.75″
  • Consistent shape concave with steep kicks and a full tail
  • Entry-level durable aluminum trucks for nice control make the board more maneuverable
  • 53mm PU wheels with 95a hardness, and Abec-5 bearings


  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Large, high-rebound wheels
  • Good ground grip
  • Easy to control
  • Not suitable for big size skaters

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Our Experience:

Teenagers mostly get carried away with their enthusiasm and end up buying poor quality skateboards which results in a terrible experience, but this board is a real head turner – literally! We found it sturdy and smooth. It is equipped with medium hardness level wheels that are suitable for street skating and cruising. Although the deck is made of 7-ply wood, still it does not feel hard enough to hold a weight of more than 80kg.


9. Magneto SUV

"Best Free-riding Skateboard for Adults"best for adults

The Magneto SUV skateboards are designed by Mike Carroll and are great for a variety of rides. It has wide decks to carry riders while going downhill, or cruising at higher speeds. The trucks and wheels offer better speed, and an increased degree of control on rougher terrain.

This board is great for people who love going to new spots or even want to try skateboarding for the first time.

This board comes fully assembled with quality components and everything you need to ride. The wheels are soft and comfortable to ride, and they are very easy to push and turn. The bearings are smooth and very quiet.

Trucks are very high quality and they are very thick, so they won't bend or break easily. It really is the best skateboard for adults for commuting in the city.

best complete skateboard

Main Features:

  • The flexible deck is made with 7 layers of high quality Canadian maple wood to ensure durability
  • Deck size: 31″ x 8.5″ (Slightly wider)
  • Medium concave design with kicktail makes it good to perform skateboarding tricks
  • 14″ wheelbase, 60 x 40mm large Urethane wheels with 78a hardness, soft and responsive to ride on pebbled surfaces
  • Gravity cast aluminum trucks, super durable for all types of rides
  • Abec-5 bearings to ensure a smooth riding experience


  • Quality complete skateboard at a fair price
  • Strong deck with a good amount of flex
  • Smooth rides
  • Good for sharp turnings
  • Suitable for every type of skating area
  • Grip tape had weak adhesive, started peeling off after a few rides

Our Experience:

This pre-assembled board is perfect for large feet riders. It rides extremely smooth on streets because of the ideal size and durometer of the wheels. The trucks were responsive, we just had to adjust them according to our preference. We suggest this board for cruising and commuting, but not for the tricks because of the soft wheels.


10. Quest the Original Super Cruiser

"Best Complete Cruiser Longboard"best complete cruiser longboard

This Quest original cruiser longboard is made of super-strong bamboo and has a classy, sleek design that allows you to ride with style and confidence. It is the perfect board to ride around town, through campus, or cruise along a boardwalk. It will last you for years and you don't have to worry much about maintenance either.

I was looking for a smooth riding, high-quality longboard to cruise around and tested it to see the performance throughout the usual daily skating routines.

I found it a complete package of optimal performance, classic style and durability. No wonder why it is rated as Amazon's Choice!


Main Features:

  • The Original Artisan Bamboo deck is made of 7-ply super-flex bamboo and hardwood maple
  • Deck size: 44″ x 9″
  • 70mm Polyurethane large wheels with genuine ABEC 7-speed bearings to support speedy rides
  • 7-inch aluminum alloy trucks ensure better performance without wobbling


  • Classic design long cruiser board
  • Great flex and strength
  • Cost-effective bamboo longboard
  • Supportive trucks
  • Heavy riders will need to replace bearings after a few rides
  • Hard wheels

Our Experience:

Initially, the trucks felt a little wobbly but they were good to go after tightening them. Its super speedy bearings helped pick up the speed quickly without compromising on comfort. We recommend this classy looking longboard because of its strength, flex, smooth bearings and awesome trucks.

We approve it for cruising around town. Nonetheless, the wheels are hard and may need replacement after a few bumpy rides!


Factors to Consider Before Buying a Complete Skateboard

Now that we have read about the best complete skateboards let's dive into some of the main features. In case you are still finding it difficult to pick the right one for you, consider these factors according to your need. This buying guide will definitely assist you in making the final decision.

Indeed, assembling a skateboard will cost you expensive and it does not end up right always. That's why reliable brands prefer to construct complete boards using the best quality suitable components.


a. Riding Style and Board Type

types of skateboardsWhen you are looking for a great skateboard to ride, an important factor to consider is your riding style. The type of skateboard that you ride depends on your riding style.

The list of types is endless and there is no right or wrong choice when it comes to selecting the best complete skateboard. Longboard, Pintail, Drop-Through and Cruiser skateboards are the most popular kinds of skateboards. It all boils down to what riding experience you prefer.

If you are a beginner skateboard rider, it is better that you choose a short board such as a cruiser or kicky board. And, if you are an experienced rider and looking for a quality board to practice tricks, a double-kick medium concave, hard maple skateboard would be better.

Moreover, if you like to speed, pick up an electric skateboard and enjoy fast rides around town.


b. Deck Size

good skateboard deck sizeIt's important to know how big your skateboard should be depending on your height. If you choose one that is too small, you will obviously have difficulty controlling your skateboard.

For the best comfort and control over your board, it's best for beginners to go with a size that matches their skate shoe size. You can measure the length of your feet and then add about an inch to get a good estimate of your skateboard size.

As skateboarding experts, we advise picking a wider board, more space to stand on and easiest to ride as a beginner.

Here's a complete guide on choosing the skateboard size.


c. Correct Size Trucks

Trucks determine the balance and control of a skateboard and they correspond with the deck size. The axle length of the truck must match the width of the truck, or be a bit shorter - but it must not be out of the deck. So, pick a set of trucks that fits the deck size.

trucks size

Also, consider the trucks' profile; low-profile trucks provide good control and balance, good for beginner skaters. They are designed for small wheels.

Middle-profile trucks are designed for larger skateboards and are meant to offer better control. They are good for adults who are practicing to get better at skateboarding.

High-profile trucks are engineered for high-end skateboards that are used by professionals mostly. They are meant for large size wheels. They offer great stability and control - perfect for performing tricks.


d. Right Type of Wheels

There are different types of wheels for skateboards and all of them serve differently. The most popular types are polyurethane, urethane, rubber and plastic. Wheels determine the speed of a skateboard and they are designed for different terrains. We recommend choosing polyurethane wheels because they can be ridden on multiple surfaces.skateboard wheels sizes

Small wheels make the board run slower, and large wheels are used for fast speedy rides. As a beginner, you should go for a set of medium-sized wheels that have a diameter between 52mm to 54mm. These size wheels are good for skating and tricks.

Not to mention, do not forget the factor of hardness level. We advise picking pairs of wheels with a hardness level between 90a to 100a. Why? Because these wheels are neither too soft nor too hard - perfect for cruising and bouncy tricks.


e. Bearings Quality

Bearings ensure the spinning ability of wheels and enhance performance. We recommend choosing bearings with a standard inner diameter of 8mm. Also, consider the hardness of bearings, ABEC-5 to ABEC-9 bearings are considered to be good for beginners.

Video Guide on Choosing a Complete Skateboard


Final Verdict

Assembling a skateboard is a time-consuming process and it is much easier to buy a complete skateboard that is ready to use. Additionally, most pre-assembled skateboards are designed to deliver better performance than a skateboard you can put together. Hence, we recommend that you buy a complete skateboard with quality components.

A good skateboard will last you a long time and make the ride enjoyable, so invest in a high quality complete skateboard. If you are just getting started, buy a board that has some good features such as a strong wooden deck, quality trucks and wheels, and bearings that won't rust.

Upon testing over three dozen skateboards, Powell Golden Dragon, CCS and Beleev complete skateboards went above and beyond our expectations. These boards had been manufactured with great care and attention to detail, so they are not only good for beginners but also great for professional use.

The best thing about these pre-assembled skateboards is that they are ready to ride right out of the box and don't require you to spend long, tedious hours assembling them yourself.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best brands of skateboards?

Here are the best brands of skateboards in 2024;

  • Element
  • Powell Peralta
  • Zero
  • Girl
  • Blind
  • Birdhouse
  • Plan B
  • Santa Cruz
  • Enjoi
  • Alien Workshop


What is the best skateboard in the world?

Powell Peralta Flight Deck is the best skateboard in the world. Here are the top rated skateboards of 2024;

  • Powell Peralta Flight Deck Complete Skateboard
  • Element Section
  • Magneto SUV
  • Cal 7 Skateboard
  • Santa Cruz Screaming Hand
  • Blind Skateboard
  • Enjoi White Panda
  • Beleev Complete Board
  • Alien Workshop Longboard
  • Bamboo Natural Board


What is a good price for a complete skateboard?

A good complete skateboard costs between $80 and $150. These boards are pre-assembled with quality components and designed to deliver performance and durability. However, you can always replace components after excessive wear and tear or for upgrades.


What are good beginner skateboard brands?

Here are the good beginner skateboard brands in 2024;

  • Element Section
  • Penny Skateboards
  • Sector 9
  • Quest Skateboards
  • Atom Skateboards
  • Beleev Skateboards


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