How to Make Skateboard Faster: 3 Proven Methods In 2024

As a skateboarder, we always look for ways to make a board go faster. The most common way to do this is by making your wheels spin longer. Indeed, regular maintenance and a few adjustments can improve a skateboard’s speed. Here, we’ll share some tips and tricks on how to make skateboard faster in order to take your skating experience to next level.

Speed can never be enough for a rider! Skaters always try to push their limits to reach the fastest speed to enjoy the thrill. However, it is essential to learn to stop on a skateboard properly before riding fast, otherwise, you might end up on the ground with severe injuries.

Note: always wear safety gear while skating, especially when you are speeding!

How to Make Skateboard Faster


How to Make Skateboard Faster? Best Method

A skateboard’s speed depends on the performance of its wheels, bearings and trucks. So, the quick solution is; that you can make a skateboard faster by replacing small wheels with large hard wheels, and by replacing the old clogged bearings with new higher ABEC bearings. Also, check the trucks’ alignment (seek advice from a professional) and make sure they are rust-free.

Let’s discuss techniques for improving skateboard speed;


a. Use Large Wheels

make your skateboard wheels spin longerThe size of your wheels will impact how fast your skateboard can go. Smaller wheels are slower than larger ones because they have less area to make contact with the ground, which makes them harder to push. Big-sized wheels roll for longer with more power and stability.

If you want to make your skateboard faster, consider replacing your small wheels with large hard wheels. Soft wheels have more grip on the ground, they are better for beginners to learn to control the board.

On the other hand, hard wheels have more strength and rebound to accelerate faster and hold momentum.

To experience the fastest rides, we recommend using 70mm wheels for a longboard; and, 58mm wheels for a regular skateboard. The hardness of the skateboard wheels should be 95A minimum.

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b. Replace Bearings

One of the best ways to make your skateboard faster is to replace your bearings. Bearings are rated with a parameter ABEC (Annular Bearing Engineering Committee) which is a measure of how precise the bearing is made. The higher the ABEC rating, the faster your skateboard will be. skateboard bearings

Speaking of the experience, replacing the old bearings with higher-rated ABEC bearings increased the speed immediately.

We recommend bearings of ABEC7 or above to experience the fastest skateboarding.

Note: you might have heard of cleaning clogged bearings will make the longboard faster. Yes, it’s true that you’ll find a significant change in the speed but it won’t be faster than it was before!


c. Clean and Align Trucks

make a skateboard go fasterAlthough trucks do not play a pivotal role in a skateboard’s speed, however, they do have a significant role in stability – which is required for speed!

Make sure your trucks are rust free and properly aligned, dirty or misaligned trucks cause the improper movement of the board – resulting in slowing down the speed. To align your trucks, take them to a professional skate shop or a qualified skateboard mechanic.

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Important Tip to Make Skateboard’s Wheels Spin Longer

Skate wheels’ performance relies on bearings. High quality clean and lubed bearings make the wheels spin for longer and reduce the frequency of pushing. Hence, it is necessary to keep the bearings clean and lubricated if you want to make your skateboard go faster.

Over time, bearings can become clogged with dirt and debris, which will slow down your skateboard. To clean your bearings, remove them from your wheels and soak them in a cleaning solvent for a few hours. Once they are clean, dry them off and lubricate them with bearing grease like WD-40. Read a detailed guide on cleaning skate bearings.


Final Words

Making your skateboard faster is all about making sure your wheels, bearings, and trucks are in perfect moving condition. By replacing small wheels with large hard wheels, replacing old bearings with new higher ABEC bearings, and making sure your trucks are rust-free and properly aligned, you can significantly improve the speed of your skateboard.

In addition, it is important to keep your bearings clean and lubricated to ensure they are running smoothly. Cleaning wheels also improve performance and play a significant role in speed.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my skateboard wheels spin longer?

You can make skateboard wheels spin longer by cleaning them properly. Dirt causes friction that results in reducing the spinning. Also, clean the clogged bearings or replace them with higher rated ABEC. Cleaning bearings and applying lube reduces the friction and allows the skateboard wheels to spin longer.


Why do my skateboard wheels not spin for long?

Dirt does not let the wheels spin for long. If your skateboard wheels aren’t turning for a longer time, perhaps they are clogged due to dirt or debris. Make sure to do periodic cleaning and apply lube to reduce friction and make the skate wheels spin for long.


How do I increase my skateboard speed?

You can increase your skateboard speed by replacing the small wheels with large-sized hard wheels. Replace the bearings with higher rated ABEC. Also, check your skateboard trucks should be rust-free and properly aligned. These three steps will reduce the friction and let the board move freely to gain speed.


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