Backfire G2 Black Reviews: Budget E-Board for Beginners

Backfire G2 Black is an impressive electric skateboard at a low price. Its large wheels ensure a comfortable ride while skipping the bumps and cracks smoothly. Although this board is relatively cheaper and does not have any flashy features, still it performs similar to the best electric skateboards of top brands.

I recently got my hands on it and let me tell you, this baby is the real deal. Not only it is affordable (yes, you heard me right), but it’s also got some serious power under the hood. I’m talking speeds of up to 23 miles per hour, and a range of up to 12.5 miles on a single charge. Plus, it’s got a sleek, black design that’ll make you look like a total boss on the streets.

And let’s be real, who doesn’t love feeling like they’re floating on air while cruising down the street? So, if you are looking for an electric skateboard that won’t break the bank but will still give you an epic ride, the Backfire G2 Black is the way to go.

backfire g2 black reviews

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Backfire G2 Black Reviews and Features Guide

“Best for Beginners and Entry Level Skaters – Affordable Electric Skateboard”Best Electric Skateboard Under $500

  • Top Speed: 23 MPH | 37 KMH
  • Range: 12.5 miles | 20 km
  • Battery: 6000mAh Lithium
  • Motor: 2 x 400W Hub Motors
  • Climb: 25% Steep Hill
  • Size: 38″ x 9″
  • Waterproof: IP55
  • Load Capacity: 240 lbs. | 109 kg




backfire g2 black deckThe deck is constructed with 8-ply maple wood held together using epoxy resin. Having the optimum flex and pretty good rebound, the board is ideal for any weight under 240 lbs.

However, heavier skaters than load capacity will not appreciate the flexibility. The deck is durable and feels a bit stiffer than it looks. The board comes with pre-installed grip tape.


Motor & Speed

affordable electric skateboardMost brands advertise the wrong numbers to market their products. But, we were impressed after testing the speed of Backfire G2 black, it reached a top speed of 24 mph as advertised.

The board is equipped with impressive 400W dual hub motors. Although the motors may look slightly weak, they perform amazingly, thanks to Hobbywing technology. This eboard features two speed modes – fast and eco.

Another impressive feature to mention is that the motors are covered in water-resistant covering. That means they are safe from water splashes. Also, the board is marked as waterproof at IP55 level, making it rideable while drizzling or on less watery tracks.

And the good news for hilly area skaters, the Backfire G2 black motors are powerful enough to provide a smooth ride on 20% gradient hills. These hub motors are capable of climbing steep hills efficiently.


Battery & Range

electric skateboard batteryThe battery is what gives power to an electric longboard. The Backfire installed an impressive battery in G2 black having a 6000mAh capacity. This 36V battery has 187WH and promises to offer a riding range of 12.5 miles / 20 km.

The battery is built with an advanced battery management system that provides consistent power throughout when the battery is fully charged and when it is running low.

The company has placed each cell of the battery strategically to keep them safe while bumping or rough rides. The battery is also covered with an IP55 level water-proofing case.

The impressive part is – the battery management system protects the battery from overheating. And, the battery shuts down in case of emergency or accidental heat up to protect the parts from damage.

One of our team members, Richard (190 lbs.) rode the board thrice with a fully charged battery to test the range. The range is true as advertised on eco mode. However, in the speed mode, the range was 11.5 miles. Hence, the speed and weight will have a slight impact on the range of Backfire G2 black.


Wheels & Trucks

stylish electric skateboardThe Backfire G2 black comes with pre-installed 96 mm large polyurethane wheels for more ground grip. The 83A hardness level makes the wheels strong and efficient enough to absorb bumps and cracks in the tracks. These large wheels are perfect for cornering and making this cheap electric skateboard suitable for beginners and new skaters.

This electric board is equipped with Crash trucks, a lesser-known pair to minimize the cost. However, these trucks do not function poorly, they offer smooth turns.

Only professionals and skateboard geeks will feel the difference, beginners or intermediate skateboarders will enjoy comfortable rides and turning.


Remote Control

electric skateboard remoteA simple R2 Hobbywing wireless remote control with a digital screen. It has a lanyard and finger loop to reduce the chances of dropping while cruising.

You can easily start and stop the eboard using this simple remote control. It ensures smooth acceleration and braking to make it comfortable for riders.


Ride & Board Control

Backfire G2 black is absolutely a great electric skateboard at a cheap price. The comfortable ride is a distinguishing feature and the board stays stable even at the top speed. Although this eboard is not designed to maneuver, it can go fast and offer thrilling rides. The large wheels help with more ground grip, resulting in better board control.

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  • Affordable and best value electric skateboard
  • Suitable for low-budget and beginner electric skateboarders
  • Comfortable and stable rides
  • Replaceable wheels and wheel sleeves
  • Smart technology hub motors
  • Comes with a 6-months warranty
  • No LED warning lights to ride in the dark
  • No Bluetooth connectivity


Final Verdict

The Backfire G2 black is undoubtedly the best entry-level electric skateboard. It offers great features at a budget-oriented price and the perfect electric longboard for those who want to experience speedy rides without breaking the bank. This board is fast and rides very smoothly even at top speed.

No wonder why the Backfire G2 black is getting popular among the skating community. Its minimal design, good performance and decent range make it significant and worth buying. If you are a beginner or an experienced skateboarder and want to skate on an electric board without spending a huge amount, purchase Backfire G2 black and enjoy premium features at an affordable price.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is G2 backfire good?

Yes, G2 backfire is a good electric skateboard. Best of all, it is perfect for entry-level skaters and beginners. This Backfire G2 offers premium features at a budget price and it is rated as one of the best affordable electric skateboards.


How fast does G2 black backfire?

Backfire G2 black is fast with a top speed of 24mph | 38kmh. G2 black backfire has 100mm large wheels that make sure of a smooth ride even at the high speed.


Is G2 backfire waterproof?

Yes, G2 backfire is waterproof at IP55 level. The battery is also covered in a waterproof casing to protect it from water splashes. You can ride it when it is drizzling, however, we do not recommend riding an electric skateboard in rain.


Are backfire skateboards good?

Yes, backfire skateboards are good, the brand is reputable and they are continuously improving the skateboards. Especially, the Backfire G2 black and Backfire G2 Galaxy are great electric skateboards made by Backfire and these boards are admired by many professional skaters.


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