How Long Do Skateboard Wheels Last & When To Replace Them?

Wheels are the most important part of a skateboard setup. It is crucial to use quality wheels and they must be in good condition to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. However, your rides will not be smooth always because the wheels wear out. Let’s find out how long do skateboard wheels last.

Honestly, it’s hard to decide the exact lifespan of skate wheels because it depends on several factors. Generally, skateboard wheels last for about 3 months on average, and they start to underperform after that.

We advise replacing worn-out wheels to prevent unpleasant accidents that can cause serious injuries. Safety is a must – don’t risk putting yourself in harm by neglecting worn-out equipment.

How Long Do Skateboard Wheels Last


How Long Do Skateboard and Longboard Wheels Last?

Generally, standard skateboard wheels have a lifespan of 3 months on average, you’ll start noticing signs of wear and tear after three months of continuous use. However, wheels made out of superior quality material may last longer.skateboard wheels lifespan

With that being said, it is almost impossible to conclude the exact lifespan of skateboard wheels because there are multiple factors involved, such as the quality of the material used, hardness level, how often you ride, the type of terrain you are riding on, your riding style, and your weight, etc.

On the other hand, longboard and cruiser wheels wear quicker because they are softer and mostly used for downhill speedy rides and cruising around town. There could be rough terrains and hard pavements, so they’ll chew wheels.

If you are an avid skater who does a lot of tricks and grinds on smooth surfaces like concrete or asphalt, you can expect to replace your wheels more often.

In case you don’t want to replace your wheels quite often, make sure to invest in good quality pairs and maintain them properly.


Factors that cause Skateboard Wheels to Wear Out

It is completely normal for skateboard wheels to wear when you ride them, no matter how well you look after them. The following are the primary factors that cause skateboard wheels to wear out:

a. Friction

The most common factor that causes skateboard wheels to wear out is friction. When you roll, the wheels constantly rub against the ground and this action causes tiny particles to be rubbed off from the wheel surface. This is even more prominent on rough terrains.

Speed is directly linked to friction, the faster you roll, there’ll more friction, and the wheels will wear out faster.


b. Terrain

Uneven and rough surfaces cause more wear on skateboard wheels. On the other hand, a smooth surface with minimal friction can increase the lifespan of your wheels.


c. Weight

The weight of the rider has a major influence on the lifespan of skateboard wheels. Heavier riders will cause more wear and tear on the wheels, while lighter riders will experience less wear.


d. Riding Style

Your riding style can also have a major impact on the lifespan of your wheels. Cruising, sliding and grinding will all cause more wear on your wheel as compared to regular riding. This is because of the frequent rotations and grinds that create more friction and accelerate wear.

If you are into cruising, read the features of the best cruiser skateboards and pick one that suits your needs.


When Is the Right Time to Replace Your Skateboard Wheels?

Here are some hints to identify that your skateboard wheels need to be replaced with new ones;time to replace skateboard wheels

Visual inspection – Look for any signs of deformation, flat spots, chips, or other damage on the surface of the wheels. If you see any damage, it’s time to replace them.

Ride quality – When you notice a sudden drop in the performance of your skateboard. For example, the ride feels bumpy even on a flat and smooth surface, it could be because of worn-out wheels.

Coning – Coning is the term for when one side of your wheel wears down quicker than the other. If you observe your wheels are cone-shaped and seem to be leaning towards the inside, it’s a sign that they need replacing.

Flatness – When you start noticing that your skateboard wheels have changed their shape or there are some obvious flat spots.

Reduce diameter – When the diameter of your wheels reduces, they start to shrink and change dimensions.


Tips to Increase the Lifespan of Your Skateboard Wheels

You need wheels to roll the deck. It is inevitable to stop your skateboard wheels from wearing out, but you can certainly take some steps to delay the process.

Here are some tips to prolong your skateboard wheels’ lifespan: I personally follow them and noticed the extended life of the wheels.


1. Ride Wheels at 90˚

Never ride your wheels on a hard surface at an angle. Always maintain 90˚ with the ground, this will reduce friction and prevent any flat spots from forming.


2. Keep Skateboard Wheels Clean

Clean your skateboard wheels regularly to get rid of dirt, dust and other particles that can stick to the wheel surface and accelerate wear. Also, apply lubes to the bearings for smooth rolling.

Read a detailed guide to clean skateboard wheels.


3. Switch Wheels Position

Change the positions of your wheels after every few rides. This will ensure even wear and tear on all the four wheels, rather than just one or two. Just swap the positions, the front left wheel to the right front wheel, and the same with the back wheels.


4. Avoid Rough Surfaces

Try to avoid uneven and bumpy surfaces, as they can cause more wear on your wheels. Ride on smoother surfaces to increase skateboard wheel lifespan.


How Often Should You Change Your Skateboard Wheels?

It depends on how often you ride and the conditions of your terrain. Generally, you should expect to change your skateboard wheel after every 3 months if you ride often.

Generally, if you ride regularly on harsh terrains, it’s best to change your skateboard wheels after every 3 months. But if you are an occasional skater who rides on smooth surfaces, you can use the same set of skateboard wheels for up to one year or maybe more.

It is important to inspect and maintain your skateboard wheels regularly, so that you can maximize their life span and get the most out of them.

Read a guide on how to clean a skateboard along with maintenance tips.


Wrapping Up

Generally, skateboard wheels can last anywhere from 3 months to 1 year if you ride regularly, depending on the protective and preventive measures you take.

Skateboard wheels wear out over time due to friction, terrain, weight and riding style. The right time to replace the wheels is when you observe any visual damage, flatness, coning, or a drop in ride quality.

To increase the lifespan of your skateboard wheels, make sure to ride them at 90˚, clean them regularly and switch their positions after every few rides. Moreover, avoid rough surfaces as much as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

When should I replace my skateboard wheels?

You should replace your skateboard wheels when you notice any visual damage, flatness, coning, or a drop in ride quality, it’s time to replace your skateboard wheels.


How long do skating wheels last?

It depends on many factors such as protective and preventive measures, terrain, weight and riding style. Generally, standard skateboard wheels can last for 3 months if you ride regularly.


How long should skateboard bearings last?

Skateboard bearings can last for about two years if you take care of them properly. However, it is best to replace skateboard bearings every year to ensure safe and smooth riding.

However, it will depend on the quality of the bearing and how well you take care of them. Clean them regularly and make sure they are greased to increase their lifespan.


How often do you need to replace your skateboard?

If you take care of your skateboard, it can last for a few years. However, if you notice any damages, weak spots or cracks, it is best to replace the board as soon as possible.

You should also replace your skateboard if you start to notice a drop in performance due to the wear and tear of components such as wheels and bearings.

Moreover, if you are a professional skater, it is best to replace the board every season. This will ensure that your skateboard is in top condition and you can enjoy a smooth ride.


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