enjoi Skateboards Brand Review by Pro Skaters

Eager to get one of the enjoi skateboards? Perhaps you like the look and want to ride the “Panda”, but does it worth the money? If it is your first time buying a skateboard, you may be wondering about enjoi’s features and construction. Here, we will take a closer look at the Enjoi skateboard brand and its products to find out if it is a good choice for beginners.

Well, Enjoi is a well-known street and park skateboard company producing quality complete skateboards, decks, wheels and other accessories. It’s been a long-time favorite of many skaters around the world, but is it a good skateboard for beginners?

Let’s explore its product line and some detailed reviews to determine if it is the right board.

enjoi skateboards review

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Enjoi Skateboard Brand History

Enjoi Skateboard Company was founded in 2000 by Marc Johnson and Rodney Mullen. The brand quickly became popular among the skateboarding community due to its unique and stylish graphics, as well as its innovative technology.

Through the years, Enjoi has continued to be a major player in the skateboarding industry with its strong team of professional riders, top-notch product line and popular graphics. With an impressive array of products, they are one of the most popular skateboard brands in the business and have earned respect from both novices and experts alike.

Enjoi’s mission is to bring out the best in every skater, no matter their age or skill level.


enjoi brand logo

The enjoi logo features a “Panda”, which is an iconic symbol of the brand. The panda has been adopted by skaters across the world as a sign of friendship and respect. It symbolizes fun, creativity and good-naturedness.

It also serves as a reminder to enjoy yourself when you are skateboarding, no matter your skill level or experience.


enjoi Products Line and Features

enjoi offers a wide range of products, including;

  • Complete skateboard
  • Decks
  • Wheels and bearings
  • Apparel
  • Hardware and Tools
  • Accessories

The brand is known for its unique designs featuring cartoons like pandas and other playful characters that give the boards a unique look. The brand not only focuses on producing boards, but it also makes apparel and accessories to give you a complete skater look.

We were skeptical about the quality of materials the brand used to manufacture clothing, but they were up to the sport’s standards without skipping the fashion sense.

You may see some raised eyebrows about the quality of enjoi boards because they are manufactured in China. However, the brand does not compromise on quality, since they are made of high-quality materials and undergo several testing processes before entering the market.

Perhaps the brand uses cheap Chinese labor just to minimize the cost of its products and keep them at affordable prices.

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Enjoi Complete Skateboards Reviews

enjoi complete skateboards reviews

The enjoi skateboards are among the best in the market, they are lightweight and durable, making them perfect for any skater regardless of their skill level.

The boards are made from durable 7-ply maple wood, which is lightweight and flexible, yet strong enough for street skating. The medium concave design makes them suitable for new skaters because they are easier to flip and control while performing tricks, and feel better under the feet.

They come with Tensor trucks and enjoi wheels that provide plenty of control and maneuverability on the streets.

The wheels are made of high-rebound urethane and feature an ABEC-7 bearing system which gives you a smooth ride with plenty of speed.

Beginners always worry about the strength of the board, it may break while learning to perform tricks. But the good news is, we recommend enjoi complete skateboards to the rookies to practice skateboarding tricks, from basic to advance.

We also noticed that enjoi boards withstood pretty well even after performing hard tricks without getting pressure cracks or chipped corners. They do wear (not immortal), but strong enough to hold up for a little longer.

The most popular enjoi skateboards are;


enjoi Decks

The enjoi decks are made from North American maple wood, which is lightweight and flexible, yet strong enough to withstand the pressure of skateboarding tricks.

enjoi white deck

enjoi uses premium quality Epoxy resin-7 glue to combine maple veneer. The construction gives you maximum control over your board and also helps reduce vibration when landing tricks.

The Enjoi claims that their boards are much stronger than other 7-ply maple decks (and that’s true to some extent).

The boards’ graphics give them a fun, playful look that appeals to both young and old skaters.

The decks come in various sizes to accommodate different heights and feet sizes, making them great for kids and beginners who are just learning the basics of skateboarding.

Common sizes of the decks are;

  • 5″ x 31.1″
  • 75″ x 31.2″
  • 0″ x 31.6″
  • 25″ x 32″
  • 5″ x 31.5″
  • 7″ x 31.9″

enjoi decks reviews

Most loved Enjoy decks are;


enjoi Wheels and Bearings

The enjoi wheels are made of high-rebound urethane, which is durable and provides plenty of grip. They offer plenty of control and grip while skating.

The main concern is, almost every enjoi wheel has a 99a hardness level, which is good for street and park skateboarding – but lacks versatility. The brand should have catered to skaters who are looking for softer wheels for cruising.

The ABEC-7 bearings provide smooth rides and maximum speed. The bearings also add to the performance and make them perfect for street skating as well as ramps.

enjoi skate wheels reviews

The wheels come in various sizes and colors, the most popular sizes are;

  • 50mm x 35mm
  • 52mm x 35mm
  • 54mm x 35mm
  • 56mm x 35mm
  • 58mm x 35mm

The most popular wheels include;


enjoi Clothing

enjoi apparel

enjoi offers a wide range of clothes and accessories, from t-shirts to hoodies. The apparel is made of high-quality materials, cotton and polyester, and designed to look stylish while also being comfortable.

The designs feature playful pandas, as well as other animals and characters, which makes them very recognizable.


enjoi Skateboard Team

Some notable names of the enjoi skateboard team are;

  • Louie Barletta
  • Jerry Hsu
  • Caswell Berry
  • Michael Pulizzi
  • Ben Raemers
  • Jackson Pilz
  • Nestor Judkins
  • Wieger Van Wageningen

They are considered one of the most influential skateboard teams around, and they have created some amazing videos that show off their individual styles.


Are enjoi Skateboards Good For Beginners?

enjoi skateboards can provide a great platform for beginners to start their skateboarding journey. They offer boards that are both cost effective and well-constructed, so they will last the everyday use of a novice shredder.

The enjoi boards feel consistent every time you ride them, thanks to reinforced epoxy construction. They do not lose pop or flexibility at all, unless there is a crack.

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beginner friendly skateboard

One of the greatest benefits of enjoi is the variety that they provide – a wide range of shapes, sizes and designs allow anyone to find the one that perfectly fits their criteria. From traditional street decks, to double kicks for vert skating, enjoi has something for every skater in any discipline.

If you are looking for an affordable board to get started in skateboarding from day one, then look no further than enjoi. These boards have a sturdy construction and the wheels provide plenty of grip and control.


Why Do We Prefer enjoi Skateboard Brand?

Well, it could be for a few reasons.

First, I love that enjoi skateboards are perfect for beginners and experienced riders alike, so you won’t need to purchase another company’s board once you get good at skateboarding.

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Apart from long-lasting build quality and smooth riding, the brand does not lack in the look either, vibrant colors and a friendly logo make the boards eye-catching.

The team of pro skaters associated with the brand is also a big plus, as they regularly share their skate adventures and help promote the brand.


Final Words

enjoi skateboard brand is a great choice for any skater looking for an affordable and long-lasting product. The company has been around for years and has earned the trust of many professional riders, so it’s not hard to see why they are often recommended when someone wants to get into skateboarding.

The boards come in various shapes, sizes and colors, making it easier for beginners to find the perfect one. The wheels and bearings also provide plenty of grip and control, so skaters have nothing to worry about while cruising around in the streets or parks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is enjoi a good brand?

Yes, enjoi is a great brand and its products are known for being reliable and well-constructed.


Who makes enjoi decks?

enjoi decks are manufactured by enjoi Skateboards, a US-based skateboard brand, owned and distributed through Dwindle Distribution.


Who runs enjoi Skateboards?

enjoi Skateboards is run by pro skateboarder Louie Barletta, who has been the team manager of the company since 2013. The company is now owned by Dwindle Distribution.


What are enjoi Skateboards made out of?

enjoi skateboards are typically made out of 7-ply maple wood. They are designed with a medium concave, giving the rider maximum control while performing tricks. The wheels and bearings are also of high-quality materials, providing plenty of grip and speed.


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