Types of Skateboards for Beginners that are Easiest to Ride

Skateboarding can be an incredibly fun and rewarding activity, but for beginners, the process of choosing the right skateboard can be a bit overwhelming. With so many different styles of boards available, it’s hard to know where to start. Therefore, as a skateboarding coach, I’ll dive into the types of skateboards for beginners and help you make an informed decision.

First, understand that the style of a skateboard depends on the deck’s shape (and wheels somehow). From cruisers to longboards, we’ll explore the features and benefits of each type, so you can find the perfect board that you find easy to ride.

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types of skateboards for beginners


3 Easiest Types of Skateboards for Beginners

It is better to start with the right equipment before starting to learn any sport. It will be easier to learn how to ride a skateboard if you pick the right type which is especially designed for beginners. The following three types of skateboards are good for beginners;

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1. Longboards

longboardAs it is clear from the name – longboards have long boards. Their decks are relatively longer and wider to provide extra space to comfortably stand on. These boards are designed to enhance balance while offering smooth speedy rides.

However, it is not necessary to always ride them fast, you can take advantage of extra width and length to stabilize your body and learn how to ride.

The wheels of longboards are mostly soft and large and placed in a way to provide optimum support to skateboarders. I personally learned to balance (which is the most important part of skateboarding) on a longboard in the beginning.

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2. Popsicle Shape Double-Kick Skateboard

double kick skateboardPopsicle shape boards are the most common and widely used skateboards around the world. These boards are versatile and suitable for multiple types of riding (mostly to perform tricks).

The decks are narrow and short (which is not a very good option for newbies). The slight concave of these decks allows skaters to place their feet comfortably and direct the board in different directions effortlessly.

Best of all, Popsicle skateboards not only ensure smooth rides, but their double kick design also allows beginners to practice tricks such as kickflips and backflips.

This style of skateboard have relatively smaller and harder wheels, and they do not run very fast.


3. Old School Skateboard

classic style skateboardThese classic-looking skateboards are wide, large and slightly heavier. The deck looks like a fishtail with a pointy narrow nose and straight tail. Most of the old school boards have large wheels with bigger trucks, easier to ride. These boards are not very good to learn tricks due to heavyweight.

However, if you are a beginner and still need to learn how to stabilize your body on a moving board – old school skateboard could be the best option.

To understand the type of skateboard, you should know the difference between the tail and nose of a board.



Final Verdict

The Skateboarding industry is evolving and there are new innovations in the types of skateboards. New skateboarders get confused about what kind of board should they pick to start riding. Choosing the right type is essential, otherwise, you might end up getting injured and giving up.

In my own experience of skateboarding, I’ve found that old-school skateboards, popsicle shapes and longboards are the easiest to ride and the best types of skateboards for beginners. Thus, pick any of these kinds and start rolling in the street.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best skateboard for a beginner?

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon is the best skateboard for a beginner. A list of the best skateboards for beginners is below;

  1. Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon
  2. Element Section Skateboard
  3. enjoi Skateboard
  4. Magneto SUV Complete Skateboard
  5. Cal 7 Complete Skateboard
  6. WHOME Pro
  7. Santa Cruz Jackpot Hand
  8. Beleev Skateboard
  9. Hiboy Alpha
  10. Magneto Mini Cruiser


What are the 3 types of skateboards?

The popular 3 types of skateboards are longboards, shortboards and cruiser boards. All of these have different deck shapes and different styles of trucks placement. Longboards and cruiser boards have large soft wheels, shortboards mostly have small polyurethane wheels.


How do I pick a beginners skateboard?

One should know the types of skateboards before picking a beginners skateboard. Always consider the deck shape, size and wheels before choosing one. The concave always plays a pivotal role because that increases the comfort of foot placement. It is advised to pick a skateboard made of a reliable brand to be assured of durability.


What’s the easiest skateboard to ride?

Element Section is known as the easiest skateboard to ride. It is a reliable brand and famous for making boards for all-level skaters. Either you are starting with this sport or a professional who wants to polish his/her skills, we recommend the Element section because it is the easiest to ride and control.


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