10 Different Types of Skateboards for Every Riding Style

Skateboard is a trusty companion of every aspiring pro skateboarder. From cruising down the street to performing the hardest tricks at the skatepark, skateboards come in all shapes and sizes to suit different riding styles. But with so many types of skateboards available in the market, it can be difficult to understand which one is right for you.

Every skateboard style is designed to accommodate different riding conditions and styles. Some boards are designed for cruising and some for maneuvering.

Skateboards have evolved from flat boards with wheels to various designs. Now we have shortboards, longboards, cruiser boards, and even electric skateboards. If you are just starting with this sport, it is essential to know skateboard types to choose the right one to suit your riding style and needs.

different types of skateboards


Different Types of Skateboards

Big skateboard brands are making different types of skateboards due to the increasing demands of skaters, plus the evolution of the skateboarding sport. Decks have different shapes and each serves a unique riding style.

Back in the early days of skateboarding, wheels were made of clay or wood. Now we have plastic, silicon, and rubber skateboard wheels.

Note: No matter what type of skateboard you choose, always keep the grip tape clean to avoid slipping off.

Let’s dive into the details of different types of skateboards;


1. Old School Skateboards

different types of skateboards

These skateboards are very easy to identify due to their unique design. The decks are shaped similar to a fishtail. Everything on these boards is slightly bigger, the deck, wheels, and trucks.

However, the nose of old-school skateboards is smaller. The deck has rails beneath for proper support and balance. These classy look old-fashioned skateboards are perfect for ramps and pool skateboarding.


2. Mini Skateboards

mini skateboardThese were the most common skateboards in the early days of skateboarding. As the name suggests, these boards are small and that makes them perfect for kids and toddlers.

These days, mini skateboards are equipped with skate-park wheels. If your kid is fond of skateboarding and thriving to be a pro skater one day, we recommend starting with a mini skateboard.

They are perfect for learning how to ride and are easy to control while performing tricks due to their small size.


3. Cruiser Skateboards

cruiser skateboardsCruiser boards are designed to accommodate easy cruising around. These decks are medium in size, neither too short, nor too long and have a kicktail. Cruiser skateboards have large soft wheels that help with traveling longer distances quicker.

Note: you can convert any skateboard into a cruiser skateboard by replacing its wheels with large soft wheels.

If you want to learn electric skateboarding, start with riding Blitzart Huracane – an easy e-board for beginners.


4. Double-Kick Popsicle Skateboards

double kick skateboardThese are the most popular skateboards these days. You can easily identify them by looking at the deck. The decks have medium concave, double kick design, and small wheels.

These skateboards are lightweight and suitable skateboard type for beginners and pro-level skaters. Popsicle skateboards can be used for cruising, performing tricks in the pool and vert, grinding, and getting airborne.


5. Downhill Skateboards

downhill skateboardDownhill skateboards are especially designed to travel long distances with speed. We also see them lately in professional Slalom racing. Downhill skateboard decks have cutaway fenders and wider wheels for extended balance.

These boards can go up to 45mph on a downhill and large wheels provide stability. Such boards are good for speedy rides, drifting and speed stunts.


6. Vert Skateboards

vert skateboardSkateboarding has evolved from street and flat surfaces to vertical skateboarding. Now, skaters skate on vertical walls and incline surfaces to perform exciting and thrilling tricks.

These boards are lightweight, small decks with small wheels. It is advised to first master your basic skills before getting into vert skateboarding.



7. Street Skateboards

street skateboardStreet skateboarding mostly involves performing tricks on stairs, park benches, plazas, city streets, and retaining walls. These decks are narrow with slightly concave, double kicktails, and small wheels (48mm to 55mm).

Street skateboards are lightweight and easier to flip, lift and direct to the desired destination. We recommend choosing a street board made of polyurethane for increased durability.


8. Longboards

longboard skateboardsAs the name represents, longboards have long boards. Their decks are wider and longer than other cruiser skateboards. The decks are also lower to the ground for enhanced stability.

The symmetric design with large soft wheels makes them suitable for downhill speedy rides. Longboards provide a good balance, easier to ride and are perfect for beginner skateboarders.

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9. Electric Skateboards

electric skateboardElectric skateboards started in the early 2000s and their demand is increasing drastically. These boards are equipped with powerful motors and batteries to supply power.

Guided by remote control, these skateboards move forward and backward, all you have to do is balance on it. They can travel short and long distances depending on the range and capacity. Some e-skateboards have speeds up to 30mph, which is incredibly fast for a skateboard.

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10. Off-Road Skateboards

off road skateboardOff-road skateboard decks look very similar to downhill longboard decks. However, these boards have large rubber wheels that make them suitable for off-road rides. These decks are more solid and sturdy because they are designed to survive on a rough surface.

If you love skateboarding anywhere, we suggest picking an off-road skateboard. These are good to ride on grass, gravel, hard-packed sand, and dirt.

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New Types of Skateboards

The charm of the modern era is ruling everything, even in this sport. Skateboards were wooden decks equipped with four wheels. However, now we get new types of skateboards with different shapes and modern designs. Here are the modern skateboards types;

new types of skateboards

1. Penny Nickel

penny nickel boardPenny nickel boards are made of plastic, lightweight and available in different sizes. The deck shape looks like old-school skateboards but these are narrow. Pointy narrow head with a straight tail, suitable for long rolls and fun rides.


2. Surf Skateboard

Surf skateboards look like mini versions of surfboards. These boards have the front truck right beneath the nose ensuring stability and balance for controlled rides. Plus, surf skateboards are a bit wider than normal boards to provide extra space for comfortable standing and make them perfect for cruising.

However, keep in mind that a surf skateboard is not suitable for tricks or maneuverability. We recommend them for commuting and cruising.

surf type of skateboard


3. Caster Boards

caster board skateboardCaster boards have two decks that are placed between a strong metal beam. These decks look like footpads and each pad has one wheel beneath, which means caster boards have two wheels instead of four. Each wheel is on a pivot to enhance easy turning rather than hinging. Caster boards have four known variants; j-boards, ripsticks, wave boards, and snake boards.

Note: these boards are not easy to ride, hard to balance on two wheels. However, once you learn how to hang on, they are fun and exciting to ride around.


4. One Wheel

one wheel skateboardThese boards are powered by a battery and have only one large wheel sticking out of the strong polyurethane PU deck. You stand on the deck by placing your feet on either side of the wheel and balancing your body above the wheel.

It gets driven by your feet. You direct the direction by applying pressure on the side where you want it to accelerate. These boards are very fast, promising up to 45mph speed.

Note: One-wheel boards are costly to repair. Hence, it is advised to take good care of them.


5. T-Board

different types of skateboardsT-boards look very similar to traditional skateboards from the top. The large wooden decks with double kicks are equipped with a set of wheels. Yes, T-board skateboards have two wheels mounted with custom torsion trucks.

These are one of the hardest skateboards to ride, very difficult to balance the weight on them. However, once you master the technique to ride it, you will enjoy smooth rides and easy carving.


6. Stowboard

skateboard typesStowboards are made of metal and plastic and look different from skateboards. These boards are equipped with four wheels, two large wheels in front and two small wheels behind.

Stowboards can easily be folded into a small block to store in a small bag. These modern-style skateboards offer smooth rides, perfect for cruising around.


Final Verdict

It is essential to know the different types of skateboards before choosing the right one for your needs. If you are just starting with skateboarding, we recommend picking up longboards or double-kick Popsicle skateboards. Longboards are easier to ride, and offer an adequate amount of balance, and Popsicle boards are versatile.

Once you are comfortable with riding the board, move your way up to downhill and cruiser skateboards to enjoy advanced-level skating. Electric and one-wheel skateboards are battery-powered, expensive and suitable for intermediate and pro skateboarders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 3 types of skateboards?

Longboards, cruiser boards, and downhill are the 3 popular types of skateboards. There are other types such as mini skateboards, street skateboards, vert skateboards, etc. Some skateboards types are modern such as electric skateboards, one wheel, t-board and stowboard, etc.


How many types of skateboards are there?

Before the 2000s, there were only two types of skateboards, shortboards and longboards. However, as the industry is evolving, there are new inventions in the types of skateboards. The following types of skateboards are available in the market these days;

  1. Old school skateboards
  2. Mini Skateboards
  3. Cruiser Skateboards
  4. Double-Kick Popsicle Skateboards
  5. Downhill Skateboards
  6. Vert Skateboards
  7. Street Skateboards
  8. Longboards
  9. Electric Skateboards
  10. Off-road Skateboards


What type of skateboard is best for beginner?

The longboard type of skateboard is best for beginners. These boards are designed low to the ground, large decks with bigger wheels offer a good balance to learn how to ride. Longboards are good for street skating and to practice downhill rides. However, if you want to learn how to perform tricks as a beginner, we would recommend Popsicle shape double kick skateboards for beginners.


Which type of skateboard should I get?

Getting a skateboard depends on two things, your skill level and the riding style. If you are just starting with skateboarding, we will suggest going for either a double kick popsicle skateboard or a longboard to practice the balance. On the other hand, if you are an intermediate or advanced level skateboarder, pick the board according to the type of skateboarding you are going to perform. There are different boards for vert, streets, downhill and off-road tracks.


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