10 Best Skateboard for Beginners In 2024: Safe to Ride [Tested]

Skateboarding has evolved from a cool sport to a great means of transport, and now it is a part of the Olympic games. And if you have started your journey to becoming a skateboarding hero, you are probably finding it difficult to choose the right skateboard as a new rider.

As someone who started from zero and went on to become a skateboarding legend (well, in my own mind at least), I know a thing or two about finding the perfect board for beginners. That’s why I’ve done the hard work for you and tested out the best skateboards for beginners, with a focus on boards that are easy to ride and control.

Trust me, these boards are so user-friendly, you’ll be feeling like a pro in no time. So, whether you are looking for a smooth ride or maximum stability, sit back, relax, and let me educate you on choosing the right board to start riding.

best starter skateboard


10 Best Skateboards for Beginners

Here is a list of the best skateboards for beginners in 2024 with their qualities and prices. These complete skateboards are suggested by professionals and the skateboarding community. New members of our skateboarding team also said that these are the easiest skateboards for adults to ride.

No.Beginner SkateboardQualityPrice
1Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Best Skateboard For Beginners Adults
2Element Section Skateboard Easiest Skateboard To Ride
3Magneto SUV Complete Skateboard Best Complete Skateboards
4enjoi Skateboard Best Street Skateboard for Beginners
5WHOME Pro Best Skateboard To Learn On
6Cal 7 Complete Skateboard Best Starter Skateboard
7Beleev Skateboard Best Beginner Skateboard
8Santa Cruz Jackpot Hand Best For Learning Tricks
9Magneto Mini Cruiser Best Basic Skateboard
10Hiboy Alpha Best Cheap Skateboard


Top Picks

Powell Golden Dragon

Best Skateboard For Beginners Adults

  • Deck size: 31.625″ x 7.625″
  • Wheels: 54x37mm , 99a
  • Aluminum trucks: 7.625″


Element Section Skateboard

best skateboard to ride

  • Deck size: 32″ x 8″
  • Wheels: 52mm, 95a
  • Trucks: 5.25″ Element


Beleev Skateboard

best beginner skateboard

  • Deck size: 31″ x 8″
  • Wheels: 55mm, 95a
  • ABEC-7 precision bearings



1. Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon

“Best Skateboard For Beginners Adults”Best Skateboard For Beginners Adults

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon is a high-quality complete skateboard at a cheap price. It is best suited for beginners and price-conscious advanced-level skateboarders. This board is durable and designed to practice tricks. It is a perfect skateboard for beginners adults who are looking for a quality board at an entry-level price.

Our team selected this board as the best among starter skateboards due to its well-built components. Each component is engineered and tested to ensure that it delivers high performance.

American professional skateboarder Steve Caballero states “I have attached my name to Powell Golden Dragon because I believe these birch skateboards are perfect for beginners. You can’t beat the quality and price. My goal is to make sure that new young skaters around the world get an opportunity to experience the joy that comes from being able to roll, turn, drop in, and do tricks, so they will enjoy skateboarding enough to continue on in the sport.”

Before investing in a board, read how much a skateboard costs and if there are any hidden expenses.

Main Features:

  • The deck is made in China using maple veneer and AirLam presses
  • Deck size: 31.625″ x 7.625″
  • K12 concave style with 126 shape, ideal to perform tricks
  • 13.75″ wheelbase; 54mm x 37mm diameter polyurethane wheels with 99a hardness level, strong and provide great stability
  • 7.625-inch aluminum trucks with embossed Powell Golden Dragon logo
Our team selected this board as the best among starter skateboards due to its well-built components. Each component is engineered and tested to ensure that it delivers high performance.


  • Wide wheels, perfect for ground grip and rolling
  • Lightweight and durable material
  • Well priced
  • Fast board with good control
  • Perfect to perform tricks
  • Suitable for newbie adult skaters
  • Not suitable for kids – too fast
  • Not designed for pebbled tracks

Powell Peralta makes the best skateboard decks.

A verified purchaser at Amazon “Joshua Fairbanks” says, “It’s a Great Deal for Determined Learners – I’ve beat the heck out of this board learning how to fail 99.5% but never give up. After a couple of years I replaced the deck due to sharptails and the pop had died down. Amazingly, I am still using the same trucks and wheel bearings. The latter I have removed, cleaned and reoiled many times. With countless failures to Ollie up concrete curbs I cannot believe the trucks still perform. They are not the lightest thing around but they are of great value for learners. You don’t have to worry about them falling apart or need to cry when they look gnarly from abuse.”

Looking for a lightweight board? Check the lightest skateboard decks currently available.


2. Element Section Skateboard

“Easiest Skateboard To Ride”easiest skateboard to ride

Element is known as the most reliable skateboard brand for beginners and their Section series is the easiest to ride. This board is suitable for all skating levels, beginners to advance.

If you are new to skateboarding, we recommend choosing the element section complete board due to its classic design and having all the basic features you need in a skateboard. It is a durable, recognizable and well-reputed board in the skateboarding community.


Main Features:

  • The deck is made of 100% maple wood held together with epoxy glue
  • Deck size: 32″ x 8″ 
  • Slight concave provides well-balanced control, double kicktail design makes it perfect to perform tricks
  • 14″ wheelbase, 52mm diameter graphics wheels with 95a hardness
  • 5.25″ element brand trucks
  • Abec-5 bearings to ensure smooth rides
  • Pre-installed grip tape on top of the board
Element section skateboards are well-built with best suited quality components. This series is beginners friendly, lightweight and easy to ride.


  • Lightweight and durable deck
  • A good amount of flex
  • Classic design and branding
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Very easy to ride
  • Wheels do not spin properly while performing hard tricks
  • Expensive customization

Beginners should read a detailed guide on skateboard wheelbase and why it is so important to consider while choosing a board.


3. Magneto SUV Complete Skateboard

“Best Complete Skateboards”Best Complete Skateboards

Magneto SUV (Skate Utility Vehicle) is the most versatile skateboard. We recommend it for beginners because it can be used in streets, parks, pump tracks, skating bowls, and even downhill.

Moreover, its wide deck makes it ideal for transition and cruising. Responsive wheels ensure steady rides over rough surfaces. So, if you are new to skating, this complete skateboard is best to ride and learn on every type of skating track.


Main Features:

  • The deck is constructed with 7 layers of high quality Canadian maple wood to ensure durability and flex
  • Deck size: 31″ x 8.5″
  • Medium concave with a kicktail design makes it suitable to perform skating tricks
  • 14″ wheelbase, 60 x 40mm large Urethane wheels with 78a hardness. These wheels are soft and responsive – good to ride on a pebbled ground
  • 140mm high-quality gravity cast aluminum trucks, extremely durable for any type of ride
  • Abec-5 bearings to enhance the riding experience
  • Pre-installed grip tape to ensure firm standing
The deck is a little wider which provides enough room to stand comfortably. We recommend it for beginners because of its good flex, soft and responsive wheels that make it suitable to ride on all terrains.


  • Perfect complete skateboard at fair price
  • Strong and flexible deck
  • Smooth rides
  • Good for turnings
  • Suitable for every type of skating area
  • The grip tape started bubbling after a few weeks

Have you never been on a board before and thinking to learn skateboarding? Read a useful guide on how to skateboard for beginners.


4. enjoi Skateboard

“Best Street Skateboard for Beginners”Best Street Skateboard for Beginners

enjoi is famous for producing durable skateboards which are good for the streets. Their decks are the strongest among skateboarding brands, rock-solid, and designed to survive hard rides.

enjoi boards are easy to control which makes it good for beginners to learn tricks and riding skills. Best of all, this skateboard comes assembled and ready to ride out of the box.

Read reviews of the best skateboards for street.


Main Features:

  • The deck is made of 7-ply Canadian maple wood held together with an epoxy resin glue
  • Deck size: 31″ x 7.75″
  • Medium concave style with steep kicks
  • 14″ wheelbase, 52mm high quality TGM wheels with 99a hardness, wheels have removable rubber shields
  • Lightweight and good grade aluminum trucks
  • Best quality Amphetamine Abec-5 bearings
We received the board completely assembled, but we had to re-tighten the trucks and wheels. It has good pop, a solid grip and it is easy to turn – best suited for beginners. However, we do not recommend it for pro-skaters!


  • Strong grade 8 steel axle and kingpins
  • Durable deck
  • Good sized soft wheels
  • Affordable price
  • Good to ride in the streets
  • Not suitable for downhill speedy rides
  • Not good for tall and heavy riders


5. WHOME Pro

“Best Skateboard to Learn on”Best Skateboard to Learn on

WHOME is known for manufacturing all types of skateboards for beginners adults. The brand claims that its boards and accessories are of superior quality (very close).

The company has a dedicated team that ensures quality by testing each board from deck to wheels. We experienced its exceptional control and efficient braking.

best beginners skateboard

Main Features:

  • The sturdy deck is manufactured with premium quality 8 layers of alpine maple wood
  • Pre-installed premium grip tape to ensure stability, optimum control, and strong grip while performing tricks
  • Deck size: 31″ x 8″ inch full size
  • Double kick concave style makes it suitable for learning and practicing skateboarding tricks like Ollies, kickflips, heelflips, and grinds, etc.
  • 18-inch wheelbase, 53 x 36mm polyurethane wheels enhance the comfort, making it suitable for new and primary pro skaters
  • Solid A356 Aluminum alloy 5″ truck with moderate carbon steel shaft on the inside and electroplate outside;
  • High precision chrome steel bearings ABEC-9
We advise new skaters to go with WHOME complete skateboard because of its effortless controlling. It turns smooth because of the easily adjustable trucks. Having said that, heavy riders should avoid this board, the deck may snap while landing tricks.


  • Durable components
  • Advanced wheels to ensure smooth rides
  • Affordable price
  • Suitable for 6-years above kids and adults
  • Very sturdy and lightweight
  • Paint may chip off sooner over every day riding
  • Not suitable for heavy riders

Read a complete guide on how to teach a kid to skateboard.


6. Cal 7 Complete Skateboard”

Best Starter Skateboard”best starter skateboard

If you are learning to perform flipping tricks or hitting the street for the first time – Cal 7 complete skateboard is the best choice to start with. This skateboard is versatile due to premium quality hardware and solid construction.

Each Cal 7 is designed considering starter and advanced level skaters. Best of all, their prices are relatively cheaper and fall in everyone’s budget range.


Main Features:

  • The deck is made of 100% 7- ply maple wood, highly durable and comes with pre-installed grip tape
  • Deck size: 31″ x 7.5″- 8″
  • Double kick style with medium concave – ideal for tricks
  • 52mm polyurethane wheels with 99A hardness
  • Smooth carving due to 3mm riser pads and HR90A bushings
  • Already installed 5-inch strong aluminum trucks
  • Highly quality ABEC-7 stainless steel bearings
This is a kids-friendly skateboard. Its smooth wheels offer comfortable rides on flat streets but they aren’t good for bumpy rides. The bearings spin freely and great to learn skateboarding.


  • Comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Great value for the money
  • Good for starter skateboarders, kids and adults
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Some users found issues with grip tape
  • Deck is not strong enough to perform hard tricks

Also, read about the affordable electric skateboards.


7. Beleev Skateboard

“Best Beginner Skateboard”best beginner skateboard

Beleev skateboards are fun to ride and designed to keep everyday skaters in mind. If you are a beginner and planning to cruise around in the streets, this board is the right choice.

It offers great comfort while learning tricks along with providing smooth rides. It is compact, strong and exceptionally lightweight to carry around easily.



Main Features:

best skateboard for beginners

  • The deck is made of 7-layers of Canadian maple wood, 10mm thick, very strong and durable
  • Deck size: 31″ x 8″
  • Slight concave design with double kick allows you to control it better and enhances easier braking
  • Pre-installed waterproof emery non-slip grip tape ensures traction for safe riding
  • Anti-slip 55mm Polyurethane wheels with 95a hardness, these are wear-resistant and highly rebound with a strong grip
  • ABEC-7 precision bearings for high speed and superior shock absorption
  • The board is equipped with 5-inch heavy-duty aluminum alloy trucks, ensuring reliable riding for beginners and pro skaters
This board is lightweight and rolls quietly. It is a great option for newbies at a bargain price. The board is well built, fast and smooth. We highly recommend it for early teens, beginners and experienced skaters.


  • Pre-installed waterproof non-slip grip tape
  • Fast and smooth rides
  • Best for beginners
  • Lightweight and easy to control
  • Compact design, easy to carry
  • Colorful and stylish, good for girls
  • We had to replace wheels after a few weeks
  • Not good to perform heavy tricks

Teamgee H5 is an affordable and good performing electric skateboard.


8. Santa Cruz Jackpot Hand

“Best For Learning Tricks”best for learning tricks

Santa Cruz Jackpot Hand is designed for all-level skateboarders, especially for beginners to learn tricks. This high-quality board is available at an affordable price and serves you from entry-level to advanced skating.

So, if you are new to skating and keen to learn beginner skateboard tricks, we recommend the Santa Cruz Jackpot Hand board. The best part is, you won’t need another board once you learn how to ride and perform tricks – this board will serve you at an advanced level too.


Main Features:

  • The deck is manufactured with 7-ply strong maple wood, sturdy and highly durable
  • Deck size: 8.25″ x 31.5″
  • The deck has a standard popsicle shape with a medium concave
  • 14″ wheelbase, 53mm OJ Wheels with 95a hardness level
  • ABEC-5 bearings ensure fast smooth rides on a downhill
  • Super sturdy 5.5″ bullet trucks make the turns easier, and no-slip axle
Speaking of the experience, this board is suitable for almost every type of skateboarding due to its great shape. It is sturdy, well-built and somehow provides confidence to the rider. However, I had to replace the bushing because they were too soft for me.


  • Pre-installed black grip tape
  • Designed to learn skateboarding tricks
  • Cool design
  • Solid and poppy deck for longevity
  • Good for all level skating
  • Deck customization can be costly


9. Magneto Mini Cruiser

“Best Basic Skateboard”best basic skateboard

Magneto Mini Cruiser is one of the most selling skateboards online and it is listed as “Amazon’s Choice”. Its basic design ensures smooth cruising and double kicks make it easier to perform tricks. Compact skateboard, easy to carry around and good for everyday skating.

It is basic and best for beginners and kids to learn. Once you know how to ride, you’ll probably look for an upgrade.


Main Features:

best basic skateboard

  • The deck is made of 6-ply Canadian maple wood held together strongly to ensure strength, top features a sanded grit for extra grip
  • Deck size: 27.5 x 7.5
  • Double kicktail surf design makes it good to perform tricks and surfing
  • 18″ wheelbase, 60mm x 51mm high rebound urethane wheels with 78a hardness
  • 5-inch gravity cast aluminum trucks, super durable and sturdy
  • Magneto ABEC-5 bearings ensure a smooth riding experience
This classic looking short board is portable and super fun to ride. It comes pre-assembled, seems to be built well, however, I had to change the bearings for a smoother riding experience. It is super light and good for carving around the neighborhood.


  • Perfect basic board for beginners
  • Budget friendly
  • Clear grip
  • Well build a compact design
  • Offer great balance
  • Not suitable for advanced level skateboarders
  • Large wheelbase, not good for quick turns while speeding


10. Hiboy Alpha

Best Cheap Skateboard”best cheap skateboard

Hiboy Alpha skateboards are designed to learn new tricks. This high-quality build board is a good choice to present as a gift to promote sports. The brand emphasizes stability and easy to control for beginners to find it easy to ride and learn quickly.

Be mindful of the fact that our skateboarding team rated Hiboy Alpha as the cheapest skateboard for beginners, it is easy to ride and delivers great performance.


Main Features:

  • The deck is made of 7-ply Canadian maple wood, perfect flex and durability
  • Deck size: 31″ x 8″
  • Slight concave design with a double kicktail makes it easier to control while performing tricks
  • 54mm — 37mm PU wheels offer speedy rides without compromising on stability
  • Abec-11 bearings ensure smooth rides and convenient control
  • 5-inch heavy-duty aluminum alloy trucks for ideal support and to offer an enjoyable riding experience
  • Pre-installed grip tape with attractive prints to enhance looks and provide good traction
It is one of the most in-expensive skateboards that are beginners friendly and ideal for riding and carving. But, because of its thicker deck and weight, we do not recommend it for learning tricks.


  • Good starter skateboard at a cheap price
  • Suitable for kids and newbie adults
  • Comes with basic tools
  • Smooth and quiet wheels
  • Perfect to learn skateboarding
  • Board is a bit thicker
  • Some users complained about poor customer service

Hiboy is also famous for making the best electric skateboards.


Complete Guide to Buy the Best Skateboard for Beginners

As a newbie to skateboarding, you might be wondering what is the best skateboard for a beginner. Well, it all depends on what you are going to use a board. Are you going to use it for every day commuting to school or the office? Or do you want to learn some tricks and have fun in the streets and parks?

Buying a skater skateboard is exciting but challenging too. Skateboards serve differently depending upon various factors. Thus, it is essential for a beginner to understand what features they should consider before buying a skateboard.


a. Deck Size and Shape

good skateboard deck sizeDeck size depends on the height and the size of the shoe. If you wear shoes from 7-inch to 9-inch (USA), we would suggest picking a deck that is 7.5-inch to 8.5-inch.

On the other hand, if your shoe size is bigger than 9 inches, recommended deck’s width is 8.5 inches to 10 inches. Expert skaters advise picking a wider board, more space to stand on and easiest to ride as a beginner.

The deck shape depends on the type of skateboarding you are going to perform. Cruiser, Popsicle, and Pintail shape skateboards are good for commuting. And, if you are planning to perform tricks, we suggest choosing a Popsicle shape deck with double kicktails.

Read an in-depth guide about skateboard decks and choose what will suit you best as a beginner according to your body type and needs.


b. Wheels

skateboard wheelsWheels determine the speed of a skateboard. Small wheels make the board run slower, and large wheels are used for fast speedy rides. As a beginner, you should go for a set of medium-sized wheels that have a diameter between 52mm to 54mm.

Also, consider the hardness of the wheels using a durometer – it should be between 90a to 99a. Wheels are the second most important part of a skateboard, make decisions wisely to enjoy rides.

Medium-sized wheels will not require raiser pads also. Raiser pads sit beneath the truck and ensure a smooth turn of the skateboard while speeding. Since you are not going to ride that fast in the initial stages, there is no need for raiser pads.

Braking is an essential part of skateboarding, learn how to stop on a skateboard properly.


c. Trucks

skateboard trucksTrucks are also important to consider as they help with a balanced ride. Wheels will run smoothly to provide a comfortable ride if trucks are properly aligned. Pick a set of trucks that fits the deck size.

The axle length of the truck must match the width of the truck, or be a bit shorter – but it must not be out of the deck.


d. Bearings & Bolts

skateboard bearingsEvery part including hardware is essential to think about before making the final choice. Bolts are going to fix the truck with the deck, and bearings help the wheels to spin. We recommend choosing bearings with a standard inner diameter of 8mm.

Keep in mind, always pay attention to the hardness of bearings ABEC-5 to ABEC-9 bearings are considered to be good for beginners.


e. Reliable Skateboard Brand 

skateboard brand for beginnersIt all comes down to reliability. Skateboarding is fun but there are high chances of injuries. So, it is better to purchase a skateboard made by a reliable brand that ensures durability and functionality.

As a beginner, it is difficult to balance the board while performing tricks, resulting in breaking the deck. Hence, we recommend buying from the best skateboard brands that ensure durability to prevent injuries.

Read the benefits of skateboarding to know why you should get on a board.


Final Verdict

It is always difficult for a beginner to make choice in any sport. One needs to rely on others and sometimes test a few products before making a decision. The journey from being a beginner skateboarder to an intermediate is hard, it requires balance and a lot of focus. However, it can be exciting if you have the right skateboard beneath your feet.

We have explained the pros and cons of the top ten skateboards for beginners. A board that you think is below average might be the best skateboard for someone else. No doubt it would be difficult to decide, or perhaps go with our recommendation.

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon is our first choice as a starter skateboard for adults. We found it very easy to control while riding.

Element Section Skateboard is reliable, durable and easiest to ride – you will quickly learn how to balance a board.

Beleev Skateboard is one of the best-selling starter skateboards that is also being tagged as “Amazon’s Choice”. It is especially designed for kids and beginner adult skateboarders.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best skateboard for a beginner?

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon is the best skateboard for a beginner. A list of the best skateboards for beginners is below;

  1. Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon
  2. Element Section Skateboard
  3. Magneto SUV Complete Skateboard
  4. enjoi Skateboard
  5. WHOME Pro
  6. Cal 7 Complete Skateboard
  7. Beleev Skateboard
  8. Santa Cruz Jackpot Hand
  9. Magneto Mini Cruiser
  10. Hiboy Alpha


What is the best skateboard brand for beginners?

Beleev is the best skateboard brand for beginners. The company mainly focuses on manufacturing boards for beginners that are easy to ride and learn on. The best skateboard brands for beginners are;

  1. Beleev
  2. Powell Golden Dragon
  3. Element
  4. enjoi
  5. Cal 7
  6. Santa Cruz
  7. Magneto
  8. Hiboy
  9. Whome
  10. Minority


What is the best skateboard to learn on?

WHOME Pro is the best skateboard to learn on. We experienced the best controls and braking system that makes it good for beginner skaters.


Which skateboard is easiest to ride?

Element Section is known as the easiest skateboard to ride. It is a reliable brand and famous for making boards for all-level skaters. Whether you are starting with this sport or a professional who wants to polish his/her skills, we recommend the Element section because it is the easiest to ride and control.


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