How to Get over Fear of Skateboarding in Public? Pro Tips

Are you a beginner skater and wondering how to get over fear of skateboarding? Well, every skateboarder has fallen multiple times, even the professionals and champions. Your commitment level should be high to overcome the phobia of falling from a skateboard. Also, you should be mentally prepared to get injured – that is obvious, just don’t give up!

In my own experience, I was scared to perform skateboarding tricks or even ride the board fast after falling a couple of times. However, I started riding the board confidently even in public after I found myself comfortable on a board. Here, I’ll explain tips I followed to beat the fear of skateboarding and control the board confidently.

Don’t get nervous when you are on a skateboard. It strains your nerves, resulting in losing balance and falling eventually!

how to get over fear of skateboarding

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10 Tips to Get Over Fear of Skateboarding

It’s good to have a fear of skateboarding because it protects you from serious injuries. However, most of the time it holds you back from performing better. You need to be confident and fully committed if you want to feel comfortable on a board. Always stay focused while practicing skateboarding and learning new tricks.

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Few Tips to Overcome the Fear of Skateboarding

  • Always use protective gear while riding a skateboard
  • Learn the basics first and make sure you have a good grip on them
  • Fear is normal but does not let it get over your mind
  • Learn how to control the board
  • Take little steps and learn new tricks slowly
  • It is important to learn how to fall to get the least injuries
  • Try to land on both feet
  • It’s good to be confident, but remember – do not be overconfident and perform dangerous tricks too soon
  • Commit to skateboarding and don’t give up!

Note: Always keep the grip tape clean and to prevent slipping off the deck.


1. Learn to Control a Skateboard

Place a board on a grass patch and try to control it, perform little jumps, and do not let the board move, feel yourself in full control. It will be easier to commit and slam the skateboard on grass than concrete. Ensure that you learn how to perform kickflip and land on both feet properly.

Keep in mind, if you are practicing on a stationary board, the next step will be to perform these tricks on a moving board which is going to be a lot more difficult. Hence, be prepared and master the skill of controlling the skateboard while you are standing on it. Kickflip and Ollie are the basics of skateboarding, once you master these tricks, you will find a way to learn more tricks.

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2. Take Your Time

Do not push yourself too hard to learn skateboarding. If you are just starting with the sport, you will fail and fall almost every time. That’s how the fear will not go away and you will end up quitting. Take your time, start slow and first learn to get comfortable on the board then slowly build your way up. Always feel relaxed on a skateboard, you will find it easier to ride.

Learn to push on a skateboard without falling.


3. Fall a Couple of Times to Get Familiar

It may sound insane but yes, falling actually helps to get over the fear of skateboarding. We advise you to learn how to fall every time you fall to build confidence. And, also avoid mistakes that make you fall from the board and be cautious in the future.

Remember, when you learn the art of falling from a skateboard, your fear of the skateboard will start vanishing and you will start feeling confident. Practicing to fall correctly makes you overcome the fear and eventually, you get used to skateboarding.

Note: Always use protective gear (helmet, knee and wrist guards) to minimize the chances of serious injuries.


4. Believe in Yourself and Execute

Believing in yourself is the first and foremost step to achieving any goal. Before performing a trick, you need to unleash your courage and tell yourself, “You can do it”. It will be difficult for newbies to learn quickly, but the voice in the mind that I’ve tried it before and I’ll do it perfectly this time makes you get it done with ease.

You have fallen before, it’s not that bad, just get on a board again and try better – come on, you can do it!


5. Avoid Chicken-footing

Chicken footing is a major reason for injuries. You should master the art of landing on both feet before practicing kickflips and Ollie. If you land on one foot, you are pushing too much pressure on one leg.

Lack of confidence and body-mind coordination cause chicken-footing and it can lead to serious injuries such as fractures, strained calves and bruised knees, etc. Skateboarding can be very painful and some serious injuries can last for a lifetime.

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6. Focus on Your Moves

Skateboarding is all about body and mind coordination. Obviously, you cannot see every movement, but you visualize it in your mind and shift accordingly. I remember in my early days of skateboarding, I used to first visualize the trick in my mind, and then practice it by focusing on every move. Indeed, this is the best step to learn tricks and get over the fear of skateboarding.


7. Let Go of the Fear

When you start thinking of failure before performing any task, mostly you fail in it. The same applies to skateboarding. The fear of falling from a skateboard tightens your muscles and reduces flexibility. As a result, your body doesn’t feel relaxed and there will be misalignment leading to falling.

Therefore, it is advised to stop thinking and let go of the fear before getting on a skateboard.


8. Stop Pretending to be a Pro

Skateboarding is a fun sport and it takes time to master it. We advise beginners not to push themselves too hard. This sport requires a lot of practice and patience. Some skaters learn fast and some struggle for longer – it’s normal.

However, one does not need to pretend like a professional skateboarder and push his limits to show off, you can fall hard and get serious injuries. Take little steps and build up your skills slowly to gain confidence and get over the fear of skateboarding.

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9. Don’t Feel Scared to Skateboard in Public

Fear of getting mocked is another hurdle. Skateboarding is awkward in the beginning and newbies feel less confident. The fear of skateboarding in public is normal but you have to get rid of it ASAP. Remember, no skater will laugh at you for your wrong or failed moves, they all have gone through this stage.

Every skateboarder knows that it is hard to learn this sport, it takes persistence and a lot of hard work. However, people that do not skate may laugh at you or mock you, just ignore them and focus on your skateboarding.

We recommend finding empty skateboard parks, quiet roads or empty parking lots to practice in your early days of skating.


10. Practice with Friends

Practicing with someone you know always boosts confidence even when both of you are beginners. The partner watches over your moves and points out when it was wrong. Also, practicing skateboarding alone is boring because there is no one to cheer up on your successful moves.

Moreover, it develops a sense of competition while skateboarding with a friend and you try to perform better.

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Final Verdict

Falling in skateboarding is inevitable and you cannot bypass it. Every skateboarder has fallen and new skateboarders will fall surely. Fear of falling holds back skaters and many quit due to this fear. However, the aforementioned tips regarding how to get over the fear of skateboarding will help you gain confidence and feel comfortable on a skateboard.

The most important way to learn skateboarding is to commit yourself to learn new tricks and progress. We advise you not to push too hard and first master the basics of skateboarding. Also, do not be shy about skateboarding in public and let go of the fear, you are skating for your fun and not for the public.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become more confident in skateboarding?

You can become more confident in skateboarding by mastering the basics first. Learn to balance and control the board, commit to skateboarding and progress with the tricks. It is advised to learn a trick first before jumping to another one.


What are the chances of dying from skateboarding?

There are no chances of dying from skateboarding in a skatepark. However, if you are skateboarding on a road, there is a risk and chances of hitting a fast vehicle, resulting in serious injury or death. Therefore, it is compulsory to always use protective gear while you are riding a skateboard.


How do you get used to skateboarding?

Practicing every day and progressing with learning new tricks can make you used to skateboarding. It is a fun sport, try to practice along with friends or in groups. The motivation you get from your fellow skaters encourages you to skate more and eventually you get used to this sport.


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